15 Signs Your Resume Needs Professional Help

Resume FailMany clients come to me, exasperated and at wits end. They’ve been sending out resumes for months, they say, and “not hearing back.”

Then when I look at their resume, I think, “Oh why didn’t you find help sooner!”

Maybe you got straight A’s without much help, and now you look at the job search the same way. But the job search is a completely different animal than you have ever needed to master before.

So if you’re wavering about getting some help for your resume, here’s a quick test that will provide some perspective. Which of these warning signs apply to you?

  1. Your resume has an objective statement
  2. Your education is listed at the very top
  3. You don’t have a LinkedIn vanity URL as part of your contact information
  4. Your experience is listed as a bunch of tasks, rather than quantified accomplishments and impactful results
  5. You’re unsure whether your resume layout and design is attractive and easy to read
  6. You have entire blocks of text; there isn’t a single bullet point on your resume
  7. You have included the sentence: “References available upon request.”
  8. You’ve listed references ON your resume
  9. Your resume is more than one page
  10. Your resume is more than two pages
  11. You’ve included clip art to “stand out”
  12. You have your photo on your resume
  13. You have typos because, well, you’re really not “detail oriented”
  14. You have no idea what a keyword is, or why it should be on your resume
  15. You’ve copied your resume verbatim into your LinkedIn profile

If many of the red flags listed above apply to your resume… reboot your job search: secure some professional help for your resume!





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Lea McLeodAbout the Author: Lea McLeod helps recent grads and mid-careerists navigate the job search. And once you have a job, she’ll coach you to the brilliant performance of which you are capable! Her “Developing Patterns of Success” Workshop has been deployed to help thousands of college hires worldwide do just that. Follow her on Twitter and her blog: DegreesofTransition.com.


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