Take a Break! Work Is Really Bad for Your Health [Infographic]

You’re a young professional, eager to make a name for yourself in the working world. You  eat lunch at your desk every day. You work non-stop until midnight. You stare at the computer until your eyes burn.

When what you really you need to do is…  take a break.

Working non-stop without a break, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day can lead to a whole range of negative results… weight gain, heart disease and worse. On the other hand, getting up and away from your desk for just 5 minutes makes you feel much better, including alleviating eye strain and reducing fatigue. The simple act of standing at your desk instead of sitting can burn an additional to 2,500 calories per week!

Work hard, yes… but remember to take regular breaks, as shown in this infographic from Learnstuff.com


Take a Break






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