#InternPro Chat: “The Soft Skills You Need to Succeed in a Hard Knock Life”

IP_TwitterIn school we’re told a high GPA determines our eventual success. In college, we fret over both our GPA and the choosing the “right” major.

Then we graduate and we find a GPA means exactly nothing on the job. And our major… well unless it’s something specific like engineering, law or medical… majors are essentially interchangeable.

So, if it isn’t how we’ve been measured since first grade, what exactly differentiates us from our career competition?

The answer: your soft skills… the personal skills that enable you to help the company succeed. Yet, soft skills, for many, remain a bit of a mystery.

  • How do you know if you’ve already developed relevant soft skills?
  • If you haven’t, how do you hone your soft skills and show employers which you’ve mastered?
  • How do you know what soft skills are most in-demand by your employer… or your industry?

In this week’s $InternPro Chat, our community took on this important component of your professional life. Enjoy the recap below! And join us next Monday, October 7, at 9pm ET for another educational and engaging #InternPro Twitter Chat. Our topic: “Movers, Shakers and Money-Makers: Carving out a Career in our New Economy”.




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