4 Energizing Tips to Jumpstart a Stalled Job Search

rock your first jobI’ve recently been hearing from many recent grads who say they took some time off over the summer for a well-deserved break.

Excellent! Time to get back to it now, though.

For some, the idea of starting a job search seems positively overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve been doing a little searching here and there, and can’t find any big momentum.

Now you sense the impending cusp of the new year, but you’re not sure how you’re going to make progress before then. I’ve got 4 tips for you that will help you get the energy you need to get over the lethargic hump…

1.  Stop Trying to Do It Alone

It’s amazing how little energy you can amass when sitting by yourself.

Find a couple of fellow job seekers and form a team to start meeting regularly, sharing job search updates, and encouraging one another.

This will help you combat the isolation of a solo job search, expose you to new ideas, and help you reframe your challenges. Set up a regular meeting time, and agenda. Don’t use it as a bitch session. Use these meetings instead, to share information and resources.

Perhaps you each take a topic to research and report back to the group on, like networking, resumes, interviews, or local companies. Use your job search posse as accountability partners, and bring your assignments and progress updates back to them.

I’m always amazed how brainstorming with others shakes up new ideas – and energy – in amazing ways!

2. Get to the Gym

Research repeatedly shows that physical exercise benefits gray matter. According to research from the University of Georgia even 20 minutes of exercise improves your brains ability to adapt and perform. And working out in the morning revs up your brain and gets you ready to process new information.

On top of that, it gets you out of lethargy and into forward moving energy. I’m always amazed at how energized and more creative I feel after I’ve worked out. Make it a daily part of your routine.

3. Get on a Schedule

If your summer was a bit unstructured, it’s now time to create some! Set a wake up time each day and stick to it.

Plan your day as if you have a job, and plan specific activities for each day of the week.

Include these things in your calendar, to do at specific days/times of the week.

  • Go to your Job Search group
  • Make calls to people you know in your network
  • Research potential employers on LinkedIn and online
  • Review job postings in the morning, make calls in the late morning, Revise your marketing materials
  • Review your LinkedIn connections, participate in group conversations, post relevant articles or links for your area of interest
  • Attend local networking, social, or volunteer events. There are lots of ways to meet people you may want to know. They don’t ALL have to be formally job-search related
  • Read blogs to help in your career content or job search

Remember, 80% of your job search should be conducted off-line. So don’t plan to sit at the computer all day. Make calls, get out of your office. Leverage commitments with other people as a way to get energy and momentum going.

This kind of activity will quickly dispel the lethargy and keep you rolling.

4. Get Professional Help

It’s clear that recent grads don’t reach out for help as much as they could, or should.

An hour conversation with a job search coach, or career professional, can completely re-energize your perspective on the job search and get you out of that lethargic state.

Many coaches offer one-hour consultations as reasonable prices that are a quick way to get clarifying perspectives for your search. If you are sitting alone for hours wondering what to do, stop wondering and get some professional advice.

This will likely make a huge shift in your energy, action, and progress.

A big part of the job search is about telling your own story; talking about who you are and what you do well. Many young adults find this difficult. And it is hard to tell your own story. Get someone to help you if you need to.

Getting out of isolation, creating a schedule, exercising for your brain’s sake… all will help you shake off your lethargy, and enable you to jumpstart your job search!





For this post,  YouTern thanks our friends at Degrees of Transition!



Lea McLeodAbout the Author: Lea McLeod helps recent grads and mid-careerists navigate the job search. And once you have a job, she’ll coach you to the brilliant performance of which you are capable! Her “Developing Patterns of Success” Workshop has been deployed to help thousands of college hires worldwide do just that. Follow her on Twitter and her blog: DegreesofTransition.com.



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