10 Awesome-Sounding Jobs… That Really Suck

Remember when you were a kid, and you were sure of what you wanted to be when you grew up… an astronaut! A ballerina! A famous athlete!

We idolized jobs for how they appear on the surface, without looking deeper into what the job actually entails. Even as adults, we sometimes seek a job after observing it from the outside, only to have regrets once we’re inside.

When Reddit was asked the question, “What are some jobs that sound awesome, but in reality suck,” their responses were thoughtful, interesting, and funny. I’ve taken the top ten and compiled them here for today’s post.

#10 Dolphin Trainer

Dolphin Trainer

Why it’s so adored: Every kid is captured by the Sea World magic. Combine that with every child’s built in affection for wild animals and you pretty much have the perfect career.

Why it sucks: When you work with dolphins, as much as the trainers do, you realize just how smart the animals actually are. After a few months it becomes depressing, knowing these brilliant creatures shouldn’t be confined in small spaces. Finally, while it is enjoyable to see “Dolphin Discovery” once every five years… it is quite another to see the same routine every day.

#9 Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Why it’s so adored:  Everyone wants to travel, right? See the world they said, it will be fun they said. Flight attendants get paid to travel. And all you have to do in return is trolley some cokes and fluff some pillows.

Why it sucks: Most of the traveling you actually do is in the air.  When you land you have no time to enjoy the sites or experiences. Your schedule is hectic, you can’t care for a pet because your home is moving with you most days. Holidays are more like nightmares. Oh, and as one Redditor put it, think claustrophobic customer service.

#8 Game Programmer

Game ProgrammerWhy it’s so adored:  Playing games is fun. So how much more rewarding could a job be than creating a game of your own? Seeing something you created take off and sell millions of copies is remarkable. The worlds you create are limited only by your imagination.

Why it sucks: Compared to other programming jobs, game developers are typically paid less. You spend a majority of your time fixing endless bugs. Also, you rarely have control over what you are working on. Have a brilliant idea for a My Little Pony? Too bad you’re making zombies!

#7 Archeologist


Why it’s so adored:  Two words. Indiana Jones. That’s all. One movie made this profession more than glamorous.

Why it sucks:  Most of the time you’re just digging holes all day, ruining your back. You’re outside all the time so you work in hot and cold, which is fun if you like digging in frozen ground. Findings that are actually meaningful are few and far between. Loneliness is common. Again, you’re living out of hotels for months.

And most archeologist jobs…don’t pay well.

#6 Journalists


Why it’s so adored:  Big headlines, thousands of readers, insider knowledge, and front seats at events. You have something your friends and family can actually see when you tell them what you do for a living. You can write something that goes viral and read hundreds of comments about your work.

Why it sucks:  Journalism pay is low. You live with constant deadlines and stress. The negative comments outnumber the positive by 3 to 1 in most cases. Another thing to note is that depending on the industry you cover, you’re duties may be needed 24/7.

#5 Radio DJ

Radio DJWhy it’s so adored: Sitting in a booth, playing music all day, and giving out prizes seems too good to be true. You’ve got thousands of people listening to you and the music you play. You’re a near celebrity.

Why it sucks:  Radio DJ’s are on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to compensation. How much time you talk and what music you play is often completely out of your hands. Oh, and how annoying is it hearing that same song played over and over again on your commute? Multiply that by a thousand and you’ll start to feel what a radio DJ has to put up with.

#4 Military Munitions Systems

Military MunitionsWhy it’s so adored: Work with explosives!  Build bombs, handle guns, shoot stuff. Put together rockets and missiles and play with all the fun military toys, millions will never be able to  see let alone touch.

Why it sucks: In reality your job mostly is to pick up, transport, fix, store, count, and do paperwork on a bunch of really, really, heavy packages.

“Picture being surrounded by a lot of cool stuff…but never being able to push the button to make them do cool stuff. – samsc2

#3 Disney Land Mascot

Disney MascotWhy it’s adored: You get paid to dress in a costume and sit in a chair while kids swoon over you. You get the perks of a Disney employee. And how cool would it be to tell everyone you get to be Mickey?

Why it sucks:  I’ve actually been in one of these costumes before and let me tell you… you burn up in there. Some have built in fans and ventilation, but they don’t always work. In addition, you don’t just sit around in these things most of the time. You are supposed to be energetic, excited, full of expression and it’s not easy to do when you’re sweating bricks.

#2 Chef

ChefWhy it’s adored: Having the skill to cook amazing dishes is like having a super power. Everyone remembers that guy that can cook a mean steak or the mom who makes the best oatmeal cookies. Many people can cook but few can master it.

Why it sucks: Chefs work 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week. Your work environment involves a ton of heat and pressure. Want a break? TOO BAD! You rarely hear about the good work you do but always know when something goes wrong.

#1 President of the United States of America

PresidentWhy it’s so adored:  How many people can call themselves “Leader of the Free World”. You control the largest military on the planet. And decisions you make will make a difference.

Why it sucks: Think of the enormous amounts of pressure to perform. It doesn’t matter what decision you make you will be criticized and made fun of. Also, it’s got the highest casualty rate of any job in the US, nearly 1 in 5.

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