#InternPro Chat: “Myth Busting: Job Search and Career Lies, Fables and Legends”

IP_TwitterAlthough the economy has improved from its recent bottom, the job market is still tough – especially for those without years of workforce experience. As a direct result, a successful job search looks much different today than just a few years ago.

And yet, there are still many advisers, experts and mentors (seemingly stuck in old-school mentalities) dispensing old-school job search and career advice that can now only be categorized as myths, fables, legends – and even lies.

So how does today’s young professional know what advice is actually relevant and helpful today?

In this week’s #InternPro Chat, the community went myth busting – and took on some of the advice, thought-processes and “best practices” that no longer pass the test of relevancy (or sanity).

Enjoy the summary below… and join us next Monday at 9pm ET for another educational discussion!




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