3 Pieces of Job Interview Research Advice You Need to Hear

Job Interview ResearchOne of the most important parts of your job interview preparation is research. But what does that actually mean? How much research should you do? And is it possible to over-prepare?

The answers to those questions are different for every job interview. Some hiring managers will spend the whole interview asking questions un-related to the job itself. While others will straight-up ask you to tell them what you know about the company.

While there is no standard answer to what you should know, knowing these 3 things will help you feel confident.

1. Know the Interviewer

You can typically find a brief bio about an employee on the companies website. If available, learn about their employment history, hobbies, and role within the company. This will help you to easily connect with them while showing that you have an interest in them too.

2. Understand the Product or Service Offering

It may sound like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people apply to jobs without knowing anything about the company. Researching this will not only help you to understand the company, but it will help you to foster intriguing questions that aren’t forced.

3. Determine Their Audience

Every business has a customer. If they are a B2B business, be able to name 2-3 of their clients. This is commonly found on their website. If they are B2C, understand their audience. Is it children, teens, local teachers, or those with an interest in a certain hobby? It’s not likely that this will be spelled out on their website, but if you do some digging and searching on social media, you’ll find some indicators.

Other helpful research tactics include following the company on Twitter, Liking them on Facebook, and watching any videos they have shared. It will help you to not only see their marketing, but also get a feel for the audience they market too as well as their internal culture.





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