Are You a “Socially Acceptable” Job Seeker? [Infographic]

To gain an advantage in your job search, you must know how and what recruiters think as they evaluate job seekers. In 2013, that means understanding the extensive role social media plays in the recruiting process.

In this thorough infographic, Jobvite uses information from their 2013 Social Recruiting Survey to detail how recruiters utilize social media, including:

  • Nearly 100% of recruiters are now, or will be, using social media to find candidates
  • The diminishing role of job boards in the recruiting process
  • The social networks that must be included in your job search strategy
  • The attributes recruiters admire most in your social media profiles
  • The red flags that will eliminate you as a potential candidate

Take a look… and then use this information to manage and improve your social media presence. Your goal: become a more “socially acceptable” candidate!







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