3 Steps to a Branded Resume That Wins Interviews

Get Your Resume ReadThere are a lot of posts about how important it is to “brand your resume” for your job search. The gist of all this?

Name recognition.

You need to set yourself apart so your name stands out in the mind of the hiring manager… and you get called for the interview. But how do you really know you’ve created a strong personal brand that will get you the name recognition required?

Here are some top indicators that you’ve successfully branded a resume that will win job interviews:


You’ve targeted your resume to one specific position and customized the job title, professional summary, and keywords to highlight your most relevant experience and expertise in relation to this target position. The opposite of this would be a very bland and generic objective statement or blanket career summary that could describe almost any professional.

Visual Branding

You’ve used various visually appealing elements to brand yourself and your resume. Using color, shading, boxes, charts, graphs, work samples, design elements, and occupational icons to set your resume apart from the competition. The opposite of this would be a boring old resume template that makes you look like every other job seeker.

Verbal Branding

Examples, testimonials, case studies, one-liners, slogans, mission statements, and success stories could all be used as part of personally branding your resume. Each one of these is so unique to you that it can’t help but distinguish you from other applicants. No two job seekers would have the same verbal branding. Not including these elements runs the risk of making you look and sound similar to all the other applicants vying for the same position.

Personal branding, when broken down into these three areas, is easier to tackle. Simply take one element at a time and address it within your resume, and before you realize it you’ll have a completely branded representation of YOU.

You’ll notice your resume response rate increasing, and you’ll be more confident about presenting yourself to the employer for consideration.





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Jessica-Holbrook-HernandezAbout the Author: A nationally recognized resume expert, Jessica Hernandez is President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast and a former human resources manager and recruiter. With more than ten years’ experience directing hiring practices for Fortune 500 companies, she has developed innovative and proven resume development, and personal branding strategies to generate powerful results for clients.

As a global resume authority and trusted media source, Jessica has been featured and quoted on CNN.com, Monster.com, Job Talk America radio, SmartBrief, International Business Times, and more. Jessica has her Bachelor of Science degree in Communications/Public Relations from the University of North Florida. Contact Jessica on Twitter!



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