Job Hunting? Make Social Media Your New Best Friend

SM As has been well-documented, recruiters are increasingly turning to social media to find quality candidates. What might be more of a surprise: to find their next gig, your job seeking competition is also flocking to social.

89% of job seekers active on social media, daily.

Make social media your new best friend – and give employers a front row seat to everything that makes you a rock star candidate – by following these five tips:

Build a Professional Online Presence

It’s now considered more than acceptable for recruiters to view your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and every other social network – while qualifying you as a candidate. Ensure that when employers search for you online (because without a doubt, they will) they find nothing but reputable and stellar information.

Network and Engage

Social media opens the door to connect with industry leaders and companies that, in the past, would have been unreachable. LinkedIn groups, Twitter chats and brand pages are often-untapped resources to engage with professionals in every industry. Don’t be shy! Reach out and spark a conversation and build your personal brand.

Don’t Ask for a Job

Resist the urge to cut right to the chase and ask for a job. Although it may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s best to connect and seek advice on ways to establish yourself first. Social media isn’t about “what can you do for me”… it’s all about relationships. Build the right connections and let your experience, intelligence and personality lead to your next job opportunity.

Search for Jobs

The job board Monsters, CareerBuilders and SimplyHireds are extinct and the age of searching for jobs through social media has begun. There are over 50,000 jobs posted on Twitter each day that go unnoticed by the majority of job seekers. Focus your searching endeavors in the social spheres and you could find yourself prepping for an interview.

Update Often

The beauty of using social media in your job search: you’re able to continuously add to, grow and strengthen your social resume and presences – nearly instantly. As they happen, add your achievements, certifications, awards, projects… and anything that show your impact in the workplace.

To remain consistent competitive, utilize every tool in your job search, daily. The end result will be well worth the effort!





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