#InternPro Chat: “Ready or Not: Can the Workplace Handle Young Leaders?”

IP_TwitterYou’ve heard the age old attitude from older workers and leaders… Gen Y should “earn their stripes”… And what do many Millennials say in response?

“Whatever… I’m ready to lead now.”

In a few years, Gen Y will become the largest generation in the US workforce. Inevitably, some of them will enter the leadership ranks. They’re ready… but is the workforce? According to the InternPro community in this week’s InternPro Chat… that answer is… “Yes!”

Find out more about how Millennials as young professionals will fill leadership roles, and how the working world will adjust and be changed by Gen Y’s influence, in this week’s InternPro Chat summary, below!

This upcoming Monday, September 2nd, InternPro Chat will be dark so the community can enjoy the US Labor Day holiday. Join us the following Monday, on September 9, at the usual InternPro time… 9pm ET… for another engaging, educational and bacon-fueled discussion with the InternPro community.


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