The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Young Job Seekers

Job Search MistakesWe’ve all heard it before: the job market is rough and the odds of college grads landing jobs are not high.

However, there are many recent graduates finding meaningful work. They are prepared, confident…  and they avoid far-too-common job search mistakes, like these:

One (or Five ) and Done

A recent survey of 600 college students by AfterCollege showed that only 44% of students apply to 1 to 5 jobs at a time. Unfortunately, today’s job market dictates that you must apply to 30 to 40 jobs just to get one call back for an interview.

Remember, there are no “after hours” when it comes to getting a job, just because it’s not normal business hours, doesn’t mean you can ease on the applying. Be in it to win it!

Networking Isn’t Important

On the contrary, networking is the life force behind landing a job.

There’s truth behind the age old saying “It’s who you know, not what you know.” Students complain that their career services don’t provide enough networking opportunities during college. But the key lesson here is sometimes you need to go out and make your own opportunities. Leverage your professors, alumni, other students and classmates… any one of them could hold the key to your next job.

Allowing Social Media to Be a TimeSuck

If you are using social media to network and engage your way into a job, great; by all means, spend the next 12 hours on Twitter. But, if you are using social in unproductive ways… a refresher course in time management is needed.

Retweeting Kim Kardashian isn’t going to help your job search. Instead, use your time online to search industry specific hashtags, companies and industry leaders. And as number one above so clearly stated, use social media to apply to jobs!

Stopping After The Application is Submitted

If you think that applying to a job posting means the employer actually looks at your resume, guess again. Especially at a larger company using ATS, the chances are slim that a human will ever see your resume. To get the attention of the recruiters and hiring managers, you must follow-up.

Use every tool in your tool belt and everything within your power to get noticed. Like their brand page, follow them on Twitter, create a Gozaik and go where they go to network. Every effort puts you that much closer to a relationship that will get your resume read.

Accepting Silence As “No”

We have all been in the position of assuming you’re passed on for a job just because you never heard back. This isn’t always the case. More often that you think, employers lose track of time and need a gentle reminder.

Emails, tweets and phone calls are great ways to remind employers that you’re interested and ready for the interview. Persistence and determination will win the job seeking race.

To get the job, you must go above and beyond in your job search… starting with avoiding these common job search mistakes! What would you add to this list? Let us know, in the comments below…





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