4 Tips for Landing Your First Job in Social Media

social mediaNo doubt, social media is a hot industry. Every company, regardless of size, is looking to leverage their online brand.

Regardless of their major or experience, many young professionals are now looking to make social media a career.

Follow these four tips, designed to help you land your first job in social media…

Be on Every Social Network

New social media networks are emerging constantly, and there’s no way to know what they are all about without testing them out for yourself. To work in social media, it’s important that your on all the big social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and Foursquare, but also those that are just emerging or becoming popular such as Pheed, Vine, MySpace (re-emerging), Friendster, and more.

Stay Up-to-date on Social Media News

There are a lot of great sources to stay up to date on the latest and greatest in social media. You can set-up Google alerts to be notified when news on social media gets published, or you can follow sources like Social Media Today, Mashable, and Social Media Examiner. You can even participate in webinars to learn about new social media tools. If you want to run someone’s social media campaigns, it’s important to know what’s being reported on.

Be Active in Your Industry

The best place to do this is Twitter. Follow and interact with industry leaders, share relevant content, and participate in Twitter chats. For other networks like Facebook, comment on relevant posts to show your expertise. You can also participate in Google+ Hangouts or LinkedIn groups and discussions. Setting up a blog where you share information related to social media and your social media experiences is also a plus.

Get Creative with How You Apply for a Job

Social media is a hot new industry with new applicants left and right. With all of the competition, it’s important to stand out. There’s no better way to stand out for a social media position, than using social media to apply. Create an online resume using Gozaik that you can share in a tweet to employers that are tweeting their job postings. While they will get an inside look at your social media expertise, you’ll also be showing them that your innovative and original.

Want that first job in social media? Be present, active and creative… and know the industry trends. Those are the keys to starting your career in this hot new field!





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