The Media Rich Profile: Helping You Stand Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn profiles are more than just a boring online version of your resume.

Use LinkedIn profile like Coke, Ford and the New York Times do: to promote themselves. Company websites and commercials contain customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and visual proof of their products. They use video, presentations and images to convey your message.

So can you! It just takes a little creativity…

What Media Can You Add?

LinkedIn officially supports images, video, audio, presentations and documents by certain providers listed here; others may work too. The one thing you should know is that the media you include in your profile has to have been published to the web (it needs a URL).

Where can you put these nifty media clips in your profile? They can be part of your summary, incorporated into each position listed in your experience section, and in your education section. Just go to edit your profile and look for the little blue box.

linkedin media box

What to Showcase

Think about the problems you’ve solved at work, not your daily job duties. What differentiates you from the hundreds and thousands of other people who have the same job title as you?

  • Is there a picture of you receiving an award?
  • Have you given a presentation or spoken at a conference?
  • Have you written articles?

What would you want someone to find if they were searching for you on the web? These are the images, articles and content you can create and publish yourself online. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a brag book and please, begin collecting screen shots and links today.

I’ve Got Nothing

If you don’t have anything, create it! You can create a PowerPoint highlighting your accomplishments and publish it to SlideShare. This is fairly simple to do. The most difficult part is figuring out what you will put into your PowerPoint presentation. Search around SlideShare and get ideas from other people who have created online resumes or personal profiles. If you are interested in creating something a bit jazzier than PowerPoint, you may want to test

Make your LinkedIn profile pop… with a media rich profile!





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