Two Months After Graduation and No Job… Now What?

I GraduatedSo you graduated a few months months ago, and haven’t yet found a job. You’re starting to feel like all of your friends have positions, except for you.

You feel like you’ve used every job board and exhausted all of your connections. The frustration is setting in.

Does this sound familiar?

So now what? Do you settle for a job waiting tables at the local diner? Or do you go work for your aunt babysitting your cousin? Or maybe just give up on finding a job all together?

Although you probably feel like your life is over, giving up or settling for something is not the way to go. Instead, take a deep breath and understand that you aren’t the ‘only one without a job’.

There are 12.5 million people looking for work in 2013. On top of that, there are 8 million people looking to upgrade from part-time to full-time. Although I’m not suggesting you compare yourself to others, the point is that you are not alone.

It’s also important you realize that 2 months is actually not as long as it may feel. In the corporate world, the average time to hire from career sites is 45 days (according to That’s just 2 weeks shy of the length of your ‘unemployment’ since graduation.

While hiring through a referral is often much quicker, that too still takes 29 days on average. Even though your friends might have landed positions quickly, you’re really just getting started on your job search 2 months in. After all, according to AOL Jobs, the average job search takes over 7 months.

So what do you do for the next few weeks or months if you feel like you’ve already exhausted your resources?

  1. Try presenting your resume in alternative ways: you can create an online resume, re-structure your ‘paper’ resume, and even turn to social media for a Social Resume.
  2. Look beyond the traditional job boards: use social media, company websites, Gozaik, and recruiters to help in your search.
  3. Attend networking events and meet-ups: You’re bound to meet at least one new person. It may not seem like a lot, but think about how many people are in their network.
  4. Start looking in other areas: you may have exhausted the 10 mile radius from your parents house, but there’s millions of other hiring companies around the world…
  5. Attend career fairs: you’ll be able to speak with several employers, all which are currently hiring new talent.

As the cliche goes: “Job search is a full-time job.”

Although it may take a few more months to find a job, put in the time. Stay focused and set goals for your search. And follow the suggestions above. Soon, you’ll be well on your way toward joining your friends in the working world!





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