How Do You Prove You’re the Best Candidate? More Show, Less Tell

Show Don't TellHave you ever tried to explain something and you get that blank “what?” stare in return? Sometimes visuals do the explaining much better.

Here’s an example of what I mean…

I loved hearing a story this week from a job seeker who used a diagram – visual content – to backup her claim that she could map out a process for improved efficiency. But this job seeker did NOT just whip out her diagram as she told the story, as if it was some prop. Instead, she gauged the interviewer’s interest. When the interviewer asked follow-up questions, the document was presented.

That job seeker came across as prepared, knowledgeable and confident. Guess who got the offer?

Let’s Get Visual

Next time you’re in a job interview, the time will come; you will need to make the case that you’re the best candidate for the job. Think ahead. What evidence do you have to support your claim?

  • Photos
  • Newsletter articles
  • Testimonials
  • Work samples
  • Spreadsheets
  • Industry Papers

Be prepared to show… don’t just tell.

Pssst, Infographics Are Trending

Infographics are a hot, rising trend! A good infographic simplifies complex information. I love a good infographic. In fact, I share a new one every day on my Career Sherpa Facebook page.

Need to make your point better? Consider an infographic.

I’m An Excellent _______.

You fill in the blank. If you say communicator, then I would expect proof.
Writing samples of published work, a list of presentations or events you’ve spoke at, or better yet a video. If you say you are super at project management, ditto. If you say you exceeded sales goals, where is the spreadsheet?

Always think: what kind of proof can I present? Begin collecting testimonials, screenshots, and examples and remember to keep them on your personal device!

Don’t Stop Here: Share!

Make it easy for people to see this stuff! Post it to your LinkedIn profile or personal website. Share it as a status update on LinkedIn too! Ask your network to take a look and provide feedback. If you are looking for more specific recommendations for how to include this stuff on your Linked profile, take a look at Make Your LinkedIn profile Media Rich.

You can also create a Pinterest account, page, Vizify page, or more. The more places you show your story, the greater the chances of your being found! Remember, you are being Googled!

Want to really impress that recruiter? Remember: More show, less tell!





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