Do’s and Don’ts to Make Recruiters Notice Your Resume

Hire Me ResumeMany job seekers are confident about their resume; however, most make huge resume mistakes.

Often you will find that with the right resume you could have the job long before you see an interviewer. The actual meeting could end up being solely a formality.

Here are some tips to help get you on your way, the “do”…

Avoid Clichés

It is really easy for you to talk about yourself in a way that makes you sound like the best candidate ever. The problem with that is employers aren’t interested in your biased opinion. They are more interested in the facts. This includes your work history, education and any honors you have received in work and school. Don’t add in a section just to talk about your dependability and work ethic–it’s a definite turnoff.

Document Your Target Position

For example, if you are a registered nurse you can put that title at the top of the page or you can opt for something that will work even better.  Instead if you are looking for a career specifically in Emergency Medicine you should opt for “Emergency Nurse.” By doing this you will receive more phone calls and interviews. I know that it seems counter-intuitive to narrow down your preferred job, but what it is actually doing is helping you to stand apart from the crowd.

Include Quotes

No, I don’t want you to put “patience is a virtue” on your resume. What I mean by including quotes is those testimonials that come from your peers, colleagues, or educators. Ask professionals to define you through a simple elegant quote. For example: “Jennifer exceeds all expectations. She is meticulous and is an exceptional leader.” Let others speak for you.

Select Keywords Carefully

Showing up on searches is one of the best ways to make the phone ring. You can improve your chances by inserting the appropriate keywords in your resume. One easy way to find the appropriate keywords is to search job boards and agencies. Let’s stick with the nurse example: look through nursing jobs on a temp agency listing and see what words you see frequently. Include these in your resume and you will definitely stick out.

Stick to the Facts

I know it’s tempting to up sell yourself and talk about all of the wonderful things in your life. The truth is, employers don’t care. Leave the personal stuff out. Document your actual relevant work experience, whether it be on the job or educational training.

Along with these tips there are a few things to avoid, the “don’t”…

Never Ever Use Cutesy Fonts

It doesn’t matter if you are going for a creative position. Anything but simple font makes your resume difficult to scan through quickly. It will be placed in the “no pile” immediately.

Jokes Aren’t Funny on a Resume

You may very well be a walking comedian. It doesn’t matter. At this point you need a job and your employer probably isn’t looking for the class clown. And they don’t expect to see deliberate humor on a resume or cover letter.

Don’t Link to your Side-Gig Blog or Website

Generally employers aren’t interested in what you do on your free time. If you’re looking for a creative job, of course, an employer might ask for examples of your work or impact. Otherwise, don’t send your resume to 15 employers that prominently mentions your side business.

Now it’s time to get to your resume. Whether you are starting from scratch or just need to revamp, following these guidelines should greatly increase your callback conversion. Good luck!





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About the Author: Anna is a freelance writer who is often writing about finance and career. Anna’s normal writing topics are usually covering personal finance or in depth career advice like how to find the best nursing jobs in what is such a broad career field. Anna is also the editor of, a personal finance blog.



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