#InternPro Chat: “Making College Matter: What College Experiences Are Most Relevant?”

IP_TwitterThis week’s InternPro Chat was based on a recent guest post on YouTern’s blog titled “12 College Experiences You Need on Your Resume“.

The post by Kirk Baumann from Campus-to-Career featured some excellent advice, as well as a related infographic, on what steps college students can take to begin building their resume before they enter the professional world.

Kirk also served as our special guest host this week, leading the #InternPro community to a lively discussion. It seems college is not all about academics (and parties) anymore. To compete as a young professional, college is the time to start filling your resume – and there are plenty of opportunities that will impress recruiters. Below, check out the summary of the chat!

Join us again this Monday night at 9ET when the InternPro community meets for another educational #InternPro Chat: “Beyond the Big 3: The Best Career Sites No One Told You About”.


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