Trending: Employers Making Job Offers… on Social Media

Trending-Employers-Making-Job-Offers-on-Social-MediaJust imagine: You’re browsing the usual: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Boom! Up pops a notification from an employer asking, “Will you join our team?”

That’s what happened to Samantha Bankey, a recent grad and new Marketing Coordinator at ePrize, a digital marketing company.

We’ve seen that whacky, creative “Hire Me” social media campaigns often actually work for candidates, especially in creative industries. Now, the tables are turning, and managers are finding value in wooing their favorite job seeker on public platforms.

We spoke hiring managers (including Bankey’s boss) who have extended an offer on social media. Read on to find out why a manager would offer a job so publicly…and what can you do to be wooed!

Employers Build Brand and Showcase Culture Through Public Job Offers

Janice Pollard (pictured above), ePrize’s marketing and public relations manager, opted to extend an offer to Bankey on Instagram

Why Instagram? In this case, “we matched our audience (Samantha) with a preferred channel (social),” Pollard says. Bankey was a former intern, but had kept in contact through several social media outlets especially Instagram. What a great way to make your employee feel valued even before the start date!

For Bankey, publicizing a job offer is “a fun way to share your workplace culture not only with followers of your company, but with followers of the candidate’s community,” she says. Plus, it’s a great way to build their brand as a fun digital marketing company.

Want to Be Wooed? Tailor Your Social Media Presence

You know that keeping your social media presence squeaky clean is a must, but have you thought about tailoring it to your field or even dream company? Like Pollard, Samantha Jackson, managing director at ad agency Percolate, has extended a job offer on social media—Twitter to be exact. But she looks for more than just a clean social presence.

Here’s the thing: Jackson gets about a million boring resumes. When she finds one that stands out, she makes it a point to dig deeper on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Behanced, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, websites and blogs, search engine results – the gamut.

For instance, at Percolate, she says: “We look for character. Wit. How well you’ve got your ear to the ground and how well you’re connected to pop culture and current events.”

Remember, each culture is unique. If you’re vying for a position at a dream company, make sure your social media presence matches their company culture!

“We don’t mind partying and profanity, but we do mind bad grammar and spelling — I’d take an employee with a mouth like a sailor over an employee that uses ‘UR’ instead of your or you’re any day of the week,” she says.

It’s way easier to determine such qualities, fit and rapport over social media than it is over email or in person, according to Jackson.

Social Media Can be a Stepping Stone

To build your social media stepping stone, showcase your best attributes so that when employers Google you, you will stand out! “[Bankey] also used the space to advance her career, using Twitter and Facebook to share awards she’d won and various other achievements,” Pollard says.

Showcasing your achievements on your blog, LinkedIn and personal website will speak much louder than just your resume. That’s why, it’s important to “use your social accounts to proactively promote your goals and achievements,” Pollard says.

Get noticed. Get wooed. Get the offer, online.

Not a bad way to get your next gig!





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