What is The Right Way to Tell Your Experience Story?

the-right-and-wrong-way-to-tell-your-experience-story“The more, the better” is often a great outlook… except when it comes to detailing work experience on your resume.

After all, no hiring manager wants to know what your day-to-day duties were at your previous job. What they do want to know: how you effectively accomplished those duties, and what your contributions meant to the company.

When detailing your experience, follow these steps to make sure your resume gets you the interview:

1. Relevance

Hiring managers want to see you have experience or performed duties that will be relevant to the position you’re applying for; use the job description to prioritize which critical skills to emphasize.

Oh, and if you worked a camp counselor position back in high school that’s completely irrelevant to the software engineer role your applying for today… leave it off your resume.

2. Accomplishments

Listing your job description in bullet form is not going to get you noticed. Instead, detail accomplishments. Explain the impact of your work.

Did you manage a social media community? Don’t just say that. Explain the size of the community you built, the engagement you fostered, and even the results of a successful campaign you ran. If an employer can see that you brought success in your last position, they will be more intrigued by your experience.

3. Action Verbs

All details of your experience should begin with action verbs. According to Boston College, “Action verbs give your resume power and direction.” Use action verbs as the first word in every experience description. This will help you to structure your accomplishments, rather than listing your duties.

Remember that how you say things can make all the difference… and be sure your resume demonstrates the success you brought to previous employers. That way, future employers can forecast what you’ll accomplish… for them!





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