The 5 Things You MUST Say in a Job Interview

Say-in-a-Job-InterviewYou always hear about what you shouldn’t say in an interview, but what should you say?What are those tid-bits you should mention that will set you apart from the rest?

Here are a few that I found incredibly helpful:

That You Actually Want the Position

This little tidbit could be the one thing that sets you apart from the other candidates. Don’t play it cool and aloof in this situation. If you are eager to be hired for the position, LET THEM KNOW. But remember to always be prepared to tell them why.

Your Familiarity with the Company

Expressing your familiarity with the company you are interviewing with is a great way to SHOW the employer how interested you are and how invested you will be in your job, without actually having to say exactly that.

Good Buzzwords

Whenever you are asked a question about yourself, like what skills do you possess, or do you think you are a team player, make sure to use your buzzwords. Collaborative, innovative, pro-active, drive, cooperate, team ethic, contribute…these are all great words to use. Come up with a few of your own that you feel really describe you, and make sure to use them in an interview.

Future Plans

If you have the desire to really build a career in one company, make sure to mention that in your interview. No company wants to invest time and money in you to have you leave after three years. That being said, if your future plans involve using this job as a springboard to launch your acting/singing career, it’s probably best not to mention that.

Ask Questions

When asked at the end of an interview, NEVER say no. Always have some questions up your sleeve. Usually two or three questions would be sufficient. Questions should be centered on the company, and again show your interest. If you have noticed that they have won several awards, ask why they think they have that edge.

During your next interview, say these 5 things… and see if you get that much closer to a job offer!





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Nola-GreenAbout the Author: Nola Green graduated in 2011 from San Diego State University with a degree in journalism, an emphasis in public relations and two minors in Spanish and anthropology. Nola is currently a student services representative at UC San Diego. 



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