Upgrade Your Uninspiring Cubicle to a Corner Office

Turn-Your-Cubicle-Into-A-Corner-OfificeJust because you’re assigned to a cubicle or a small, open desk doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little of that corner-office ambiance throughout your workday.

We spend most of our time at work, so why not get cozy… while showing mentors and supervisors we take our work seriously?

With a few creative touches, you can class up your workspace and impress your boss with your savviness. Here are a few tips for elevating even the smallest work spaces from cluttered and tacky to chic and classy:

1. Organize

A cluttered workspace is not only visually unappealing, it adds to workday stress as well.

Get rid of all unnecessary items such as trash, old paperwork and random post-it notes. Invest in desk-drawer organizers to keep smaller items neat and handy, and designate an in-box for stacking incoming papers. Add hooks for hanging coats, hats and bags. Organize periodicals with a magazine rack or box. Also, an attractive charging station for electronic devices helps contain and hide unsightly cords.

2. Upgrade

Once your work area is organized, find ways to upgrade everyday items.

For example, instead of taking your morning coffee in an unattractive disposable foam cup, why not bring in a handsome mug? Rather than taking notes on corporate-issue legal pads, invest in a few rustico leather journals, and swap your cup full of dime-a-dozen ballpoint pens for an executive pen and pencil set.

Frame photographs and artwork instead of just tacking them to the walls, or invest in a digital frame that will display favorite images on a rotating basis. If you’re a clock-watcher, exchange an inexpensive plastic digital timepiece for a classier version with hands.

Investing a little extra into our work materials can at least help us feel a little more purposeful in our careers.

3. Decorate

You know your desk is the center for all your operations as well as a center-piece for clients, so make it attractive as possible.

Add a low-wattage desk lamp to combat the harsh fluorescent lighting found in most office environments. Make the space more inviting and bring in a little color with small area rugs or throw pillows for your desk chair. Add greenery, like potted plants that both look beautiful and help cleanse the air.

Depending on the proximity and amenability of your co-workers, you might even want to add a water feature such as a small fountain or a fish bowl. If these present a problem, consider a digital aquarium or a digital photo frame instead.

With a little organization and a few decorative touches, any workspace can achieve a CEO-office feel. The key is not to go overboard, but you shouldn’t give the impression that you’re neglectful of your surroundings either.

Upgrading your cubicle both improves your daily work experience and shows your superiors you’re destined for bigger things.





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About the Author: Angela Prickette is a recent college graduate writing on behalf of Rustico Leather Journals. She works for herself as a freelance writer and photographer. Her favorite activities include, skiing, rock climbing, and personal fitness.


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