Is Your Resume Searchable? How Do Recruiters Find You?

BooleanThroughout my employment with WilsonHCG, I am constantly introduced to new and interesting ways to recruit quality candidates.

In my past recruiting roles, I would do simple searches on job boards like Careerbuilder or Monster. Recently, however, I learned there are even better ways to find candidates that possess all the qualities the job opening requires.

Recruiters are effectively utilizing Boolean search strings to identify top candidate matches.

As a candidate, here are some ideas on how to research hot keywords to place in your resume:

  • Make a list of the top companies you want to work for. Thoroughly look through several job openings relevant to your experience or interests to get an idea of how they lay out the posting and what they’re specifically looking for
  • Research a specific industry and job postings in that industry to get a better idea of what terminology and industry-related language are used
  • Look at job postings for a particular role you are targeting. Look through a large range of postings that different companies and/or industries use. Compile a list of the common words, phrases, and verbiage that all of these different companies and industries seem to commonly use

Once you get a better understanding of what recruiters and companies are looking for, take a look at your resume and see how it compares. Make necessary edits and customize some of the words or phrases that seem to be predominate for a company, role, or industry you are targeting.

Consider making several resumes with different keywords, post them, and see what resume gets more views/hits. Making these changes can seriously help your resume get noticed by the recruiters. For more information on how Boolean search strings are used during the recruiting process, feel free to read the following:

Your understanding of how recruiters work can only help you… and your job search. And Boolean searches are how recruiting is done!





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Ashley Lauren PerezAbout the Author: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry. She is currently a Sourcing Specialist for WilsonHCG, as well as a Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and #TChat.

Additionally, she uses her experience and knowledge to write a blog focusing on an array of Social HR topics. Even if you aren’t in the Charleston, SC, area, you can easily connect with Ashley on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.



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