3 Facts You Didn’t Know About How Jobs are Really Filled

Recruiter's ProcessMany job seekers have talked to me about their frustrations with the interview process.

They often want to know: why a job opening stays open for months at a time; why their application status seems to be at a stand-still; why their interviews are spread out over weeks at a time; why there seems to be no conclusion or status update after the interview process; and much more.

I’ve been a job seeker; I understand how frustrating it is to have unresolved answers about an application. However, I have worked HR roles and am currently recruiting so I understand the typical job-filling timeline and process, also.

The facts below just might help job seekers understand why recruiting processes are the way they are, and why everything seems to move much slower than they would like:

Jobs Aren’t Always Readily Available Now

Sometimes companies post job openings because they’re preparing for a change in their workforce. Maybe someone is taking a new position and the ramp up time will take several weeks, maybe someone is retiring/quitting and isn’t leaving for another few months. Perhaps a department is planning on expanding in the near future.

The point is: the job won’t be filled tomorrow. Recruiters have time to interview a large number of eligible candidates and will make the decision closer to the time the job will open. The job will be open, or the recruiter wouldn’t waste their time; just not right away.

Recruiters Create Candidate Pools

Sometimes, positions that are openly advertised aren’t even open now… or at all.

However, to prepare for future ramp ups, recruiters will source for qualified candidates, interview them to ensure that they are qualified, and will keep them in their recruiting systems so they can easily keep track and contact candidates when (or if) the position does become available.

This means that you could have interviewed for a position that may take several months to open; depending on many factors, it may never open. However, the recruiter must keep their options open and have candidates ready.

Interview Processes Can Be Long and Tedious

Most job seekers are familiar with the typical interview loop of two interviews.

However, some companies are implementing new interview processes which could include various interviews with different departments or team members to see if there is a cultural fit, or “shadow days” where the candidate gets to spend half a day in the position to see if it’s a candidate/job fit. These extra interview processes can double or even triple the typical interview timeline.

So how can I candidate best deal with the fact that some jobs aren’t open now, and interview processes that take much longer than it seems necessary, while dealing with financial strain and stress?

First, candidates (whether they are jobless or currently employed) should spend time networking with recruiters for positions and companies that might be of interest to them. This can keep candidates ahead of the game if there ever comes a time that they lose a job or are ready for a new venture.

Second, since these processes can take several weeks or months, get a head start; don’t wait until you really need to new job to explore your options; don’t let your unemployment or severance run out before diligently starting your job search. The sooner you get going; the more patient you can be while working within the process of how jobs are really filled.





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Ashley Lauren PerezAbout the Author: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry. She is currently a Sourcing Specialist for WilsonHCG, as well as a Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and #TChat.

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