The 3 Most Inspiring TED Talks You Must See

Ted TalksI remember the first TED talk I ever saw. It was Benjamin Zander’s talk on “The Transformative Power of Classical Music.” I was amazed!

Benjamin had me in the first three minutes when he explained the learning curve of children as they practice the piano. And just like he joked, I too quit at around the age of ten, regretting it every time I see a pianist capture the room with their extraordinary talent.

Twenty minutes later, after I finished the talk I immediately searched  for more talks.

Since then I’ve watched dozens of these videos. And maybe like you, I felt overwhelmed searching through their library of over 1,500 talks.

So now, I thought I’d do a favor for those like myself and share the three most inspiring TED talks I’ve watched these past few years.

1. Sean Achor: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Sean Achor takes us through a fantastic story of his childhood and research of what it really takes to be happy in the business and academic world.

When he arrived at Harvard after applying on a bet, he was shocked to find so much unhappiness in a place surrounded by the world’s elite.

If you could use some more happiness in your life, you won’t want to miss this talk.

2. Kid President: I Think We All Need a Pep Talk

Kid President is a delightful example of wisdom from the mouth of babes. The video is a short three minutes, but every line is a quote you could slap on a photo and share as a motivational meme.

But what makes this video so inspirational is his own personal struggles. Robby Novak is adopted and has a brittle bone disease called Osteogenesis. The poor kid has a different cast in almost every video, yet he’s got an incredible sense of optimism.

3. Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

When Amanda was in between gigs with her band she would paint herself white, put on a wedding dress, then stand on a street corner asking people for tips.

I never thought I could learn such interesting and profound insights from a street performer.

What Amanda learned was the power of asking. When her music label didn’t think her music would sell enough albums she went to Kickstarter and let her fans decide if she was worth having faith in. As she toured around the world, instead of staying in fancy hotels, she went online and asked for rooms in the homes of willing fans or hosts.

If you need some inspiration for following your passion, Amanda delivers.

These are three TED talks I’ve found worth their time in gold. What one TED talk do you feel we can’t afford to miss?





bryce-christiansenAbout the Author: Bryce Christiansen is the Editor-in-Chief of Careertopia and co creator of the free eCourse, “How to Find the Perfect Career Fit For Your Personality”.  He’s on a personal mission to help people find the career fit that’s right for who they are as a person. Connect with Bryce on Twitter!


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