4 Tips to Help Fine Tune Your Personal Brand

Fine tuneWhether you’re beginning your job search or a seasoned pro, everyone needs to fine tune their personal brand.

If you’re still unsure of what your “personal brand” means, it’s your unique set of experiences, accomplishments, skills, education, attitude and passion that provide the promise of value to future employers, mentors and to your sphere of influence.

I’m going to share ways for you to start fine tuning your personal brand right now. Don’t put this off — consider these tips to fine-tune your brand today:

1. What Should Others Think About You?

The first step in creating or updating your personal brand is considering how you’d like to be thought of by hiring managers and employers. What skills have you acquired recently that are most important in your field and to you personally? What are your favorite and most defining job experiences? What skills do you still need to improve upon?

After answering these questions, you will have a defined direction to take all of your content–whether it’s online or offline.

2. Make Your Materials Consistent

The most important aspect of any personal brand is consistency — and it’s easy to get off track over time with all of your resumes, cover letters, and online profiles. So take a moment to compare your resume to your portfolio and your LinkedIn profile to your Monster candidate profile. Are they consistent? Do they reflect the questions you answered in step one? If not, get to updating! Consistency helps define your brand and how employers view you.

3. Streamline Your Online Presence to Match Your Materials

So, let’s say your materials are consistent. You can now move on to your social media accounts — and not just job-related accounts specifically. These may be your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, blog, or something else.

Check your personal descriptions, user photos, and content in these accounts to make sure they match what you’re projecting in number’s one and two above. Employers will be checking these accounts too, so make sure you’re still selling yourself well via social media.

4. Create an Elevator Pitch

This step is particularly helpful to active job seekers, but why is it useful? Employers will often ask this simple, yet difficult to answer question: Tell me about yourself. Having an elevator pitch ready to go when asked this question can be a lifesaver. If you don’t have one yet, create one today!

Move back to the questions you answered in step one — use these answers to craft a quick, yet compelling and personal way to explain who you are, the skills you have, what you love, and why. Thinking about this ahead of time will not only be helpful in interviews but also when meeting networking contacts for the first time.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job, starting a new job, or have been in your position for 10 years; your personal brand needs some updating and recentering from time to time. So lets all take a hint from Job Action Day today and fine tune our personal brand.

What are your tips for updating and fine-tuning your personal brand?





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