Relax Already! Here’s How to Reduce Job Search Anxiety

AnxietyWith the current unemployment rate resting around 8 percent, joblessness isn’t something being taken lightly. Job seekers of all ages and backgrounds are faced with anxiety when it comes to finding their next position.

So if you’re feeling anxious about finding a new job, you’re not alone.

Seventy-five percent of working-age American are job seekers — individuals who are looking for new employment. That means three of four are just as anxious about landing a new gig as you. With all this in mind, managing unemployment and job search stress is essential to getting hired… and can set you apart.

Here are a number of ways you can minimize the anxiety associated with your job search:

During the Time You’re Searching

Creating an effective and efficient job search strategy is one surefire way to manage your anxiety. Develop a plan for your job search and fuel it with the necessary time management tactics, as well as effective goal-setting measures. Create and manage deadlines for the numbers of positions you plan to apply for in a day or week.

Also, pay attention to where and how you’re searching for openings. Are you aimlessly scouring the Web or are you reaching out to your connections? A better grasp of our entire job search will reduce anxiety and also fuel you to work harder.

As You Apply

Writing your cover letter and customizing your resume can breed many different anxious feelings. Some feel anxious because they’re positive they’re the perfect fit, while others experience the crippling anxiety based on their fears. Manage this by remaining positively confident. Focus on clearly displaying your achievements. You know how what you can do — now let your potential employer experience your awesome qualifications!

While You Wait

You sent the email — now comes the anxiety of waiting. Rather than focusing on stress of the wait, continue to search for positions and apply. This will allow you to expand your pool and not place such a high pressure on landing one position. Also consider reaching out to your network to see if you have any connections to the position you applied for.

After Rejection

Don’t beat yourself up. Instead, reward yourself for putting a valiant effort forward throughout the hiring process. Transform any negativity into positivity. So things didn’t go the way you wanted — continue to move forward. Put your experiences to paper and look for ways to improve from the situation.

An effective job search is one with well-managed anxiety. Take the necessary steps to finding a happy medium… and relax already!





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BrittanyAbout the Author: Brittany Schlacter graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in public relations and a minor in fashion. During her time at BSU, she rose to the position of Assistant Director of Cardinal Communications, Ball State’s renowned student-run advertising and public relations agency.



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