5 Things Recruiters Wish Job Seekers Knew About Them

busyRecently I wrote a blog post from the job seekers’ POV that discussed the many pain points they deal with during a job search. My hope was that bringing these points to light might enable recruiters to better understand… and find ways to improve the candidate experience.

After that post, I promised I would allow recruiters to have their side of the story told. After all, as a recruiter I know my colleagues have their pain points during the job-filling process.

Some of these points are as follows:

1. From the Moment Their Day Begins… Recruiters Are Swamped

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a recruiter have a “light” day. Phones are constantly ring off the hook, e-mails flood in, daily status meetings interrupt the day, and screening candidates is more than time consuming. For most recruiters, this is their day-to-day.

Many recruiters do a job that could truly require the help of three people. With all those disruptions occurring, it can take a bit longer than you would like for them to pull your resume, review and commnunicate.

2. They Do Not Purposely Ignore You (Nor Have They Forgotten About You)

As you now know, recruiters are trying to do as much as they possibly can, in the little time they have. You are on their “contact back” list as soon as they get a moment to do so. With that being said, it is not necessary to call and e-mail them multiple times per day. This just adds more to their already overwhelming workload.

Within reason, is perfectly fine to touch base with a recruiter. However, please, keep your communication frequency reasonable.

3. They’re Not Purposely Withholding Information

Sometimes getting information from a hiring manager or a client can be like pulling teeth. Additionally, sometimes the hiring manager or clients have no idea what they’re looking for, which can hold-up the process further. Recruiters try to give you as much information as they can possibly obtain, but sometimes that might not be a whole lot.

I’m sure they also wish that they had that information to help them place candidates better!

4. They Would Love to Provide Useful Feedback

Unfortunately, sometimes they can’t. Trust me; your recruiter is empathetic of your situation. They would love to give you the reasons why you weren’t hired (when they actually know the reasons). They would also love to give you advice on how to make your chances better next time.

Then reality sets in…

Most of the time recruiters cannot give this feedback because of potential legal reasons. They do not want to place themselves or their company in the way of a lawsuit because their innocent feedback was misunderstood or mis-used

5. Job Openings Don’t Always Get Filled Right Away

Hiring can become a grueling process if the hiring manager keeps changing the criteria or just generally doesn’t know what he/she wants. In addition, sometimes job openings might not actually be open yet. Hiring managers create these postings to find a pool of qualified candidates so when it finally does become available, the candidates are set and ready to go.

This means that your resume could, and often does, sit in the “Under Review” status for several weeks or even months.

Job seekers… just like you wish recruiters could understand your side of the story, they want you to understand theirs. Recruiting has inherent challenges that arise; regular setbacks which cause stalls or setbacks are common. I know that it’s hard to be patient if you’re jobless and are fighting hard for stable work.

Believe me: the majority of recruiters are trying as hard as they can.





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Ashley Lauren PerezAbout the Author: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human resources and organizational management, Ashley pursued her passion and secured a career path in the human resources industry. She is currently a Sourcing Specialist for WilsonHCG, as well as a Brand Ambassador for WilsonHCG and #TChat.

Additionally, she uses her experience and knowledge to write a blog focusing on an array of Social HR topics. Even if you aren’t in the Charleston, SC, area, you can easily connect with Ashley on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.



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