Elevate Your Thinking: 10 Strategies for Job Search Success

ThinkingHave you ever wondered why some college graduates seem to effortlessly capture a “good job with great pay” while others struggle to find a minimum wage job?

The answer is so simple it may shock you…

Those who succeed are willing to grow so they can render a higher level of service.

Allow me to share with you ten strategies that will help you elevate your thinking… and land the job of your dreams:

Seek to Serve

You deserve to be rich because you add value to other people’s lives. People will gladly compensate you when you help them live life fully on their terms. Seek to serve, instead of just seeking a paycheck.

Be a Value Add

Add value to your potential employer by expanding your paradigm of possibility. How? By reading a book a week. Experience teaches that not every reader is a leader, however, every leader is a reader.

Desire Development

Embrace personal and professional development. Then share your knowledge. Ensure your input in the life of another brings them more joy, money, self-confidence, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Lead from the Heart

Develop heart-centered leadership acumen. Improve your communication skills and style of relating to people so that they WANT to be around you. People can energize you or become a drain. Don’t be a drain. Be a walking example of joy, passion, productivity, and profitability.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

The late Zig Ziglar is quoted as saying “You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.” You do not have to dress for others; however, please know that how you dress leaves an impression that words cannot.

Build Real Relationships

Focus on building genuine relationships. Look people directly in the eyes when speaking. Be interested, not interesting.


Research the company, their corporate culture, mission, vision and social entrepreneurship efforts to ensure that they align with your personal value system.

Over Deliver the Thank You

In this day of modern technology, where emails and texting have become popular, quick and convenient, taking time to write a handwritten note is a great personal touch that can set you apart from other applicants.

Know What Makes You Unique

Be absolutely clear on what your gifts, talents, strengths and abilities are so that you can easily and effortlessly answer the question “What value can you bring to my organization?”

Be Ready with the Ask

Never go to an interview without having some questions to ask the interviewer. Listen very carefully to what is being shared and ask questions at the appropriate time.

As you review the list above, imagine what could be possible if you elevated your thinking. Can you imagine the positive changes that would happen as a result of improvement in mindset, skillset, relationship and communication skills?

I wish you every success in your search for the perfect internship or job. I sincerely believe that “what you want, wants you.”





KadenaAbout the Author: Kadena Tate, contributing author in the NYT Bestseller, “Business Model You”, believes that authenticity has no competition. For the last decade, Kadena has taught service-based entrepreneurs how to take who they are, and what they know, and package that into multiple offerings. As a business acceleration alchemist, Kadena’s work is designed to help leapfrog the market and make the idea of competition irrelevant.  Kadena will help you gain the confidence and clarity necessary to attract clients, cash and clout. Visit her online today.



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