Be Ready for The New World of Work: Global, Mobile and Virtual

Since it’s simple roots, the world of work in the US has been ever-changing. From the farm, to factories to offices, and now increasingly to virtual, the employment landscape evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep up.

Technological advancements, combined with a shift in the career outlook outlook of many in light of the recent challenging economy, have transformed yet again what we think of as the typical workspace, and the typical job. And mobile contribution is leading the way.

In fact, Citrix estimates that by 2014, 83% of companies will incorporate technologies and shifts in corporate culture to enable workers to do more work, remotely.

Check out this interesting infographic on the increasing number of benefits to both employees and employers who engage in a “mobile workstyle”.


Work is Not a Place




For this infographic, YouTern thanks WorkShifting!



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