Be Great and Powerful: Click Your Job Search Ruby Slippers 3 Times

Ruby SlippersLast night, I watched the Wizard of Oz… again. Each time I see the Technicolor fantasy, I’m fascinated by how many adventures, and mis-adventures, Dorothy has in such a short span of time.

Only Oz, Dorothy is told, can fulfill her goal of going home. So she follows the directions provided by the Munchkins… and proceeds to “follow the Yellow Brick Road”. Along the way, she faces a lot of hardship and anxiety… all in an effort to meet the “the great and powerful Oz”.

And after all the angry trees, witches and flying monkeys, Dorothy learns she could have avoided all the anxiety and hardship; she had the power to reach her goal “all along” in the form of her ruby slippers!

(Am I the only person who wonders why the witch couldn’t have just told Dorothy at the beginning of the flick that she had this power? I’m pretty sure Dorothy would have appreciated someone giving her a shortcut back to Kansas! Granted, if that happened we wouldn’t have a movie, but still…)

Well, movie’s over. Back to reality. There are blog posts to write and young professionals to mentor…

Young professionals, of course, face adventures, and mis-adventures, of their own. In their case, though, the grumpy trees are played by the trolls on social media, the “great and powerfuls” are the hiring managers (although some of them could easily play the role of the witch!) and the yellow brick road is the career path they can never seem to get started down.

(Maybe they should sing more?)

If only these young professionals had the power to reach their goals, all along…

The truth is: job seekers do have this power… in the form of the resources, tools and mentors that are with you every step of the way. With the job search ruby slippers you’ve had all along, you can get where you want to go!

“Just click your heels together three times…”

Click One: Blog Posts

Blog posts are everywhere. Career websites like YouTern have them. Many companies have their own blogs. And an endless supply of genuine career experts offer advice via their blogs. Discussed is everything from advice on perfecting your Linkedin profile and branding, to networking tips and how to interview effectively.

And all of this experience – all this good witchery – is available to you for the price of a few minutes of your time… and a little heart.

Click Two: Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are like a helpful blog post, but in real time. They cover hundreds of subjects, including every possible job search and career topic. And the vast majority of munchkins… I mean, participants… provide genuine advice for those that may have lost their way.

Twitter chats are also a fantastic way to network, build your personal brand… and get this job search good habit in your brain.

Click Three: Linkedin

In survey after survey, recruiters say they spend an increasing amount of their time searching for, and hiring candidates through, Linkedin. Here, you can research companies, network, display your career experience so recruiters can find you, and read and post industry related blog posts all through the same service!

To job seekers, LinkedIn is the “man behind the curtain”… and you better pay attention. To get started, you just need to find the courage.

Alright, “my pretties”… because, because, because you now know you’ve had this power all along… you’re ready to click your heels three times. You’re ready to head down the right career path for you… no matter what color the road may be!

(Sure, your job search will be much shorter. But that beats having to hear that Munchkins song in your head… over… and over…).





Dave_AuthorAbout the Author: Dave Ellis is an original member of the YouTern team and is instrumental to its success… in fact, he’s so awesome there wouldn’t be a YouTern without him (and he might have written this bio himself). Dave serves as YouTern’s Content and Community Manager, and enjoys his role as the company’s “Man Behind the Curtain”. In his spare time, Dave volunteers, rescuing and rehabilitating sea lions and baby elephant seals. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter!



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