Keep Your Credibility: 3 Ways to Blow Up Your Personal Brand

pinocchioYour personal brand as we know, is essential in the job search. Your brand defines who you are as a candidate and clearly states what sets you apart.

Most important, it builds credibility… something all employers – and networking connections – seek in professionals:

  • Credibility in your personal brand means who you are – and what you offer – is believable and trustworthy
  • Credibility in your job search builds relationships and opens job opportunities; through trust in your brand, your job search is propelled forward to valuable connections with influencers and mentors

Unfortunately, there are some habits job seekers just can’t seem to break; habits that put their brand’s at risk. Here are the top three ways you can quickly lose credibility in your personal brand:

Out Of Sync

Your personal brand incorporates both your online and offline persona. Though both require different interactions, together they make up your professional image. When networking for a job, together they allow connections to get an idea of your interests – and who you are as a job candidate.

However, if your interactions are not consistent between your online and in-person brand, you potentially confuse your connections – and make them unsure of what opportunities interest you. Define your career niche and make it specific (technical writing for software, or public relations for health organizations, for instance). Then, strive to act professionally at all times.

Don’t jeopardize your image by trying to be different. Just be yourself… and offer input that’s valuable and relevant, both online and in-person.

A Bad Reputation

Reputation is everything in your personal brands. Without a doubt, our reputation follows us throughout our careers.

While your personal brand manages your reputation, it doesn’t always fix a poor reputation. What is said about you – and your work – add to your reputation. What is thought about you often means the difference between making new connections and landing a job… and never hearing about the job.

Bad reputations often spread quicker than good ones, so be mindful of how you treat others and approach your work. Stigmas such being a troll gets around to industry professionals and employers. You never know who knows whom – treat everyone with respect.

Focus On Being More Popular Than Relevant

A personal brand’s significance is not measured by the number of retweets or friends – it is measured by the value you bring to others. If your brand is focused on popularity or celebrity more than relevance, you are not as valuable a connection or job candidate.

Brands become powerful and influential because they do great things instead of just talk about doing great things.

Brands need testimonials – and sometimes proof – to back their unique value. So, focus on creating and doing meaningful work. Volunteer or offer to help those within your network when assistance is needed. That way, your brand speaks for itself… rather than you having to talk about you all the time.

What do you think? How trusted is your personal brand? How else can a personal brand lose credibility… and relevance? Share with us, in the comments below.





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