#InternPro Chat: “Embrace the F-word: Overcoming Early-career Failures”

Ah, the F-word. It’s uses so varied… so universal. It’s so expressive… so colorful.


We’re taught that winning is the goal in all of our endeavors and that failure often involves pain and loss of self-esteem. Winners win… only losers fail, right?


According to the #InternPro community, many of us look at failure as acknowledgement – perhaps verification – that they are exploring and growing. Instead of pain and trauma, they see increased learning and both personal and career growth.

Don’t fail to check out this week’s #InternPro Chat summary and see if your view of failure is reinforced… or enlightened.

Of course, we invite you to join us next week, Monday, April 1st at 9pm ET for our next #InternPro Chat: “What You Don’t Know About LinkedIn Can Kill… Your Career“. We’ll see you there!

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