What Does Your Online Presence Say About Work Ethic?

work ethicDuring the hiring process, every employer wants to hire the person with the strongest work ethic… no exceptions.

So the question is: how do you show off your work ethic before getting hired? Or even before the interview? Fact is: your online reputation says a whole lot about you, including your work ethic. 

So what can you do to enhance your online presence in order to impress recruiters?

Watch Your Social Media Posts

Do you want them seeing everything you’ve posted on Facebook or Twitter? If not, clean it up. 

The flip side, though, can work to your benefit. If you’ve stayed up late perfecting your latest project or helped a buddy at work finish a big project, post about that. There’s no reason not to shine when you can. If you have a blog, speak professionally about yourself and show pride in your work. Talk humbly about going above and beyond.

When anyone does a search on you, they will be impressed with your strong work ethic.

Keep an Eye on Your Online Brand

You may not be the only one writing about you online.

Anyone can write/post/publish online, and it’s up to you to see it before a prospective employer does. It can be harmful to your work ethic when you didn’t even do anything.

Set up Google alerts on your name and company. The best thing is to know everything out there and be able to address it if it does come up. Have an answer, an explanation, and a resolution at the ready.

Seek Professional Help

You can watch your own posts and watch what others say about you… but maybe that isn’t good enough. Consider using resources like Reppify.com, Reputation.com or BrandYourself.com to help manage what is being said, and posted, about you.

You’ve worked hard in your professional life and you want your online reputation to convey that strong work ethic to your prospective employers. Don’t take chances that may harm your career!





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Heather LeggAbout the Author: Heather Legg is a freelance writer who writes on a plethora of topics and has spent time writing resumes for a variety of fields, as well as dabbling in fiction. Heather lives in Atlanta, and you can find her on Twitter.




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