One-a-Day Job Search Tasks for a Productive Spring Break

spring_breakI know what you’re thinking. The title of this blog post includes job search, tasks, and Spring Break in one sentence.

This is not as terrifying as it sounds. Let me explain…

You’ve been working hard since January. This  week of bliss is well deserved, and not a second too soon. What do you have in mind? Road trips, lounging by a pool, and visiting with old friends, maybe. This is not the time to be bogged down by stressful job searching and future plans, right?

Well, maybe…

What if you gave yourself just one task a day? Put in an hour or two, every day, and you’re done? You can do it, and you’ll leave Spring Break vacation feeling accomplished and refreshed.

Here is your one-a-day Spring Break to do list for this year:

Monday: Relax!

You’ve been working hard in school, your job, and whatever else. Give yourself Monday to sleep in, hang with the family, catch a movie, anything that strikes your fancy. Keep a notepad with you, just in case you’re struck with inspiration, to jot down any job leads or creative cover letter hooks (who knows, it could happen).

Tuesday: Rejuvenate Your Resume

Now that you’re relaxed, it’s time to give your resume a makeover. If you already have a resume, update it; if you don’t, write one now! Try to use unique language and maybe add some color to stand out. Think your resume is A+ material? Upload your resume onto RezScore where your resume will be instantaneously reviewed for free (you don’t even have to register).

Wednesday: Apply

Your challenge today is to apply for three jobs or internships. Now that you have a resume that can knock down mountains, this should be a breeze. You might want to try the proved job search strategy, the Rule of Thirds, today:

  • Find and apply to one job that you are 100% qualified for
  • Find one job that would be considered your “dream job”
  • Find nd one that you think will be pretty cool even if it isn’t in your specific field

Keep in mind you still have at least a month left of school, but this shows employers that you have initiative.

Thursday: Reconnect

So, you moved away to school and probably forgot about your old friends from home or mentors gone by. Reconnect, see how they’re doing, and see where they are. Some friends might already be in the workforce or pursuing their degree; mentors may have new positions of influence. It may seem like a longshot, but your old friends and mentors can often provide extra insight and tips about your job search.

Friday: Create or Enhance Your Portfolio

Do you have a portfolio? It might not seem important, but if you produce anything in your field, you need a portfolio. Collect old assignments (that you got good grades on) and work from past internships to assemble a bare-bones portfolio. Add a title page, table of contents, and a resume, and you have a stellar collection of career documents! Already have a portfolio? Put it online to increase your online presence.

What other Spring Break tasks should be included on this list? Are you up to the challenge?





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