#InternPro Chat: Marissa Mayer is Wrong: Working Virtually Has Value

#InternPro Chat TwitterYahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently made headlines by asking the company’s employees to report to an office for work… according to the memo, there will be no more Yahoo’s working from home for Yahoo.

After Best Buy decided to reevaluate their work-at-home policy, it appeared the virtual workforce was taking a big hit. Or is it?

The furor, and the thousands of reporters and bloggers taking exception to Yahoo and Best Buy’s policy changes, has certainly raised the volume of the conversation:

  • Is the work-from-home model inherently flawed, as Mayer’s action perhaps suggests?
  • Are well-managed employees more productive at home as data suggests?
  • Is there a significant ROI in allowing team members to contribute from home?
  • Do employees now “expect” the opportunity to work virtually?

In this week’s #InternPro chat, our community discussed the pros and cons, and more! Check out this week’s summary, below…

Join us for our another episode of #InternPro Chat on Monday, March 18th.  The InternPro community will discuss “Exit the Comfort Zone: Taking Risks, Getting Ahead”. Join the conversation at 9pm ET!

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