The Social Media Job Search: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

EPSON MFP imageOkay, so everybody knows we’re using social media more than ever to job search. But how many are doing it right?

In order to use online social networking to effectively find a job, there are several tools and tricks to abide by during the online job search made simple, by Web 2.0…

First, ask yourself a few questions about your social media presence and your online social networking habits and practices:

Have I Indicated My Interest in Finding a Job?

Don’t assume that members of your online social networks are aware of your career status or that they’ve seen your job search-focused posts. Make this objective known by posting references to your mission in your social media profiles, whether as part of a bio or a highlighted status update.

Clearly state your intentions and goals!

Do I Paint a Clear and Professional Picture of My Skills?

Do some research on the successful professionals in your field. See how they present themselves online. Which social media networks do they maintain profiles on? What tone do they use in their content? How much information can you find about them through a search, and what personal details are available for public viewing?

How you present your skills, across all social media platforms, often means the difference between getting a referral, and not.

Which Social Media Platform Works Best for Me? 

There is no one social network that works best for all job seekers; a graphic designer, a painter and a computer engineer will each have very different audiences… and strategies.

Make sure that you’re a member of all sites relevant to your industry. It’s not enough to just belong , of course. You must also post content often and interact with those in your network to uncover opportunities — and spread the word that you’re a hireable candidate.

Use the insight gained as you answer these questions, use the insights gained to revitalize your job search strategy!

What improvements can you make to your social media profiles to be a more appealing candidate to employers? Share your thoughts below!





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