Please… Personalize Your LinkedIn Connection Requests

It’s so easy to send a quick, generic invitation to connect on LinkedIn. The site even includes text, prepared for you – all you have to do is click “Send”!

And, I’ve received way too many of these from people who don’t tell me why they want to connect or how I can help their network. I know there are thousands of others who waste their time sending the same easily-dismissed messages.

Please… personalize your invitations to connect on LinkedIn!

My LinkedIn Philosophy

Everyone has a different philosophy for how they want their network on LinkedIn to work. I want to feel like I know my network. If I need something or have a question, the people in my network are people that I can go to. When I need to make a referral, I also want to be able to provide some additional insight about the person. I even state this on my LinkedIn profile, which I am sure few ever read or pay attention to, but this is what I say:

“I value each and every one of my connections. I will gladly connect with people I know (meaning we have met face to face or engaged in meaningful conversation). I am more than happy to accept twitter followers for any of the following reasons:

  • Career opportunities
  • Consulting offers
  • Job inquiries
  • Expertise requests
  • Business deals
  • Reference requests
  • Getting back in touch”

Personalize The Message!

Giving more information rather than less is a good thing. Here is what I want to see within every invitation to connect:

  • Explain how you know me or what we have in common
  • Tell me why you want to connect
  • Be friendly! “Please” and “Thank You” (please!)

If you are looking for advice on what to include in your invitation, you can visit these two posts:

And here’s a story Job Search: Invite Someone To Connect on LinkedIn? By Jason Alba, author of “I’m On LinkedIn… Now What?”

I Didn’t Accept Your Invite

If you are one of the many people who have sent an invitation to connect and it wasn’t personalized, I did not accept your invite.

Sometimes I feel guilty  for not accepting so I will send a message explaining my philosophy. Very seldom, gosh, only once, did someone respond to my message and explained why they wanted to connect. Yes, I immediately accepted their invite.

My Reasons for This Post

The reason I am writing this is to educate. If you are a job seeker and not personalizing your invitation to me, I can only assume you don’t personalize the other messages you send out. I know it is dangerous to assume…

The other reason I am writing this? To ease my guilt about deleting the generic requests.

Okay… I feel so much better!

I hope you are now a more educated Linkedin user. Please pay your new knowledge forward and share this advice with those you know who are new to LinkedIn!





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