Work from Home Fridays: This Could Work! [Infographic]

You’re at the office today. You’d rather be home, sitting in front of the computer at the kitchen table or in your home office.

Rather than lounging on the couch watching DVR’d Revenge or SportsCenter for the third time today, however, you’d be working just as hard, if not harder, as you do in your cubicle. And by working virtually you may save money and be far more productive, healthy, happy and less stressed. Plus you’d be taking it easier much on the environment.

There’s a growing movement (and rather convincing statistics) that indicate working from home, or “telecommuting” is great for you, and good for your employer. Check out this interesting infographic from Splashtop.

Maybe when your boss comes into her office in the morning, she might find this convincing argument taped to her laptop. It could happen… and it could make a difference! Unless she’s Marissa Mayer.


Work From Home Fridays


Speaking of working virtually…

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For this post, YouTern thanks Splashtop!




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