The 4 P’s of a Killer Personal Brand

In our current job market, finding a job and climbing the career ladder are about investing in the business of you.

And what does every business have? A brand. As a professional, you are a brand unto yourself.

You’re not the only one looking for an internship, job or promotion. So try developing and marketing your personal brand effectively by using the four Ps of marketing:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place

In our scenario, you are the product you’re promoting, which means you must successfully apply the traditional marketing model to you: the person, the professional, and the brand.

Product: Be Consistent and Recognizable

Just as you instantly know a can of Coca-Cola when you see one (and know what to expect once it’s open), your audience should know exactly what you bring to the table and what they’re getting by working with you. To develop an online personal brand strategy, create a consistent brand around yourself that’s complete with mission, objectives and recognizable visual brand elements.

Price: Know Your Value

Every time you step foot into a store and buy a product, the price is more or less the same, so your hourly rate or salary requirements must align with your industry and level of experience in a similar fashion. Decide what you’re worth based on how much others in your industry are being paid and be resolute about how much you’re willing to accept.

Place: Recognize Your Niche

In traditional marketing, products are distributed across geographic regions. As a professional, you are only one person. Thus, it’s critical that you select a sphere of influence and stick with it. Spreading yourself too thin across communities where your services aren’t needed will only make more work for you with little reward.

Promotion: Communicate Your Brand

Selecting the appropriate mediums means the difference between being heard loud and clear or getting lost in the clutter. Determine where members of your target audience get their information and make sure your personal branding messages are present on these channels.

Apply the four P’s to your personal marketing… and excel in getting your brand recognized as hirable… and worthy of that next promotion!





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