What is an ATS? And Why Does it Hate My Resume? [Infographic]

You’ve written the perfect resume for a position you’re excited about. You sent the resume and a frigin’ fantastic cover letter. You are the perfect candidate. And then… you get no response. Again.

To be successful in your job search can sometimes feel like you need to master a combination of magic and alchemy; with some Unicorn Trainer skills mixed in. Getting a response from a recruiter, much less hired, can seem that elusive.

What’s likely happening: your resume is never being read by a real person. Instead, all your effort is being sorted by a tool known in recruiting as an Applicant Tracking system, or ATS.

To get your resume through the ATS, you should first learn what the tool is designed to do, and how the software works to process your resume. The more you learn about formatting your resume specifically for the ATS, the more you’ll find that Unicorn Trainer skills aren’t really required.

To become an ATS expert, check out this interesting infographic from Resunate.


In a recent #InternPro twitter chat, YouTern’s user community discussed the growing trend among companies to screen applicants’ resumes through an ATS; also known as the “Resume Black Hole”. They also provided a lot of helpful tips on how to beat the ATS and get your resume through to a recruiter. Click here to read more on that discussion.


For this infographic, YouTern thanks Resunate!






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