#InternPro Chat: “Social Media Netiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for the Young Professional”

IP_TwitterMany members of Gen Y seem to live their whole lives online. While social media is said to be “native” to this group however, do their skills translate to  the professional world? Are there different online rules that apply in and around the workplace?

Some social media natives may reveal themselves as more “babes in the woods” if they can’t adapt their online behavior to the office environment. We, along with social recruiting and social media mentor Emilie Mecklenborg (@EmilieMeck on Twitter, a MUST follow), took on this subject during our weekly #InternPro chat, which we called “Social Media Netiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for the Young Professional”. The chat is summarized, for your convenience, below.

In our next episode… on Monday, February 4, we’ll be tellin’ no lies: “Truthiness: The Role of Honesty in the Job Search”. Join us at 9pm ET for conversation, learning and networking!


#InternPro Chat: “Social Media Netiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for the Young Professional”

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Question 1:
Q1: #SoMe etiquette can make or break your personal brand or job search. How do we best learn right versus wrong? #InternProYouTern
A1 Watch how mentors act and handle themselves on their #SoMe sites. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
@YouTern A1 learning from otther people’s mistakes and our own often the best teacher #internproEB
A1: Ask yourself, if “60 Minutes” showed up and asked me about the posting on camera, would I be hired by the next employer? #InternProMarcy Depew
A1: Watch and learn. There are no experts, but watching is the new listening for #SoMe. Listen then engage. #InternProArron Daniels
A1: Don’t drink and use social media, and don’t be an asshole. You should be good from there. #internproRob McGahen
A1 If your mom wouldn’t approve of the content you post, you should reconsider posting. Don’t ruin your professional reputation! #InternProLeah Beutler
A1) Treat others how you would like to be treated. #InternProEllisse
I talk to SO many who are afraid to get started. Really, that is ALL it takes to learn. Gotta’ jump in! #InternProMark Babbitt
Question 2:
Q2: We still make huge mistakes on #SoMe. What are some of the most common career errors and how can we avoid them? #InternProYouTern
A2 Not completely filling out things such as your Twitter bio and LinkedIn profile. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A2) spending too much time being a “me monster”. Help people out. #InternProEllisse
A2 A huge mistake I see is people talking negatively about their company/work/customers/etc. BIG no no! Stay professional! #InternProLeah Beutler
A2 Posting drunken pictures on Facebook, talking about how drunk you got on twitter, and not having a LinkedIn profile #internproJohn Muscarello
A2: Not re-reading your post before you send it. It’s easy but often overlook… boo for spelling or grammar errors! @YouTern #internproJacob Curtis
A2. Most common error that I still see for students is they think employers don’t/won’t google them and do a deep search. #internProStephanieWiriahardja
A2 Use the 10 min. rule before you post, tweet, comment anything. Might seem like a good idea, might not in 10 minutes. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
Question 3:
Q3: Some of my college mates haven’t yet joined the “adult” world. Will I be judged by the digital company I keep? #InternProYouTern
A3 Don’t engage in negative banter back & forth on Twitter. Don’t get caught up in something that should be taken offline. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A3: You lie down with pigs you get muddy. ’nuff said. #InternProTom Bolt
A3: You are ahead of them. Don’t get held back by them. #internproRob McGahen
Q3: I would say no and hope not. @YouTern #InternProShannon Smedstad
A3 Recruiter’s POV – I don’t judge you by your friends unless the content you’re part of is consistently in bad choice #internproSteve Levy
A3: Probably, but how YOU interact with them will be more important. #internproScott Keenan
@YouTern You are the average of your five closest friends. #internpro For the record, nothing new – see Proverbs 13:20.Tim
A3: There WILL be judging. If you can’t be found on-line, you are invisible and missing out on huge opps to be “discovered”. #internproELiz Dexter-Wilson
A3: You’re allowed to be a person, but remember the concept of guilt by association (or the reverse). #InternProErin M. Harris
Question 4:
Q4: Is it appropriate to connect with co-workers and bosses on #SoMe? LinkedIn? Twitter? FB? When is it NOT okay? #InternProYouTern
A4 My FB is a lot of what my Twitter is so I don’t mind but use common sense before sending the invite. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
DANGER DANGER DANGER Q4: Is it appropriate to connect with co-workers and bosses on #SoMe? LinkedIn? Twitter? FB? #InternProJulie Feinerman
A4) Yes to LinkedIn and Twitter. IMO, only connect on FB if you are 100% positive your posts won’t reflect badly on you. #InternProEllisse
A4) I attempt to keep FB personal and LI, Twitter professional. Sometimes the line is blurred #internproRich Grant
A4 Totally depends on what you’re comfortable sharing. My social networks are pretty open. Come at me world 😉 #internproSamuel Hershberger
A4: I actually have 2 FB accounts. 1 for work and 1 for personal. TW and LI 1 account. Diff audiences need diff approaches. #InternProShannon Smedstad
What you put out there is well…out there, so choose carefully & be accountable – it’s your reputation! #internproDeborah Thomas
For me: LinkedIn is usually a yes. Facebook is still a little strange. Twitter is a “hell yes”. #InternProMark Babbitt
Question 5:
Q5: I consistently update/manage my LinkedIn account. My boss sees this & fears I’m looking for work. What do I say? #InternProYouTern
A5 Tell them its part of creating ur personal brand, encourage them to complete their profile & engage w/ industry leaders. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A5 LinkedIn is full of great industry info. Let your boss know that you are trying to stay current with articles, discussions. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A5 – Updating and managing your LI profile is good for networking and new connections…so it’s good for business #InternPro #insecuremuch?Jeff Moore
Q5 updating LinkedIn is a way to increase your network. Your boss should encourage networking (esp in sales!) it can + business #InternProLeah Beutler
A5: “Just maintaining my personal brand, Boss” #internproJoe Gagliano
A5: Your boss should be impressed that you are growing your professional network and being proactive. #InternProBarney Carleton
@YouTern A5 I try not to network on LinkedIn with current employers. Maybe I’m wrong. #InternProAndrew Bream
A5 the more detail you have on ur LinkedIn profile the less chance anyone will care when you update it #internproSteve Levy
A5: Maybe it’s just me, but if your boss gets nervous every time you update your Linkedin, that is not a good sign. #InternProArron Daniels
Question 6:
Q6: What is the best strategy for launching your job search on social media… without seeming desperate or spammy? #InternProYouTern
A6 Use #SoMe as a platform to show how you will add value, share your expertise and strengths. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A6 Be honest about your intentions. Don’t try to close on the first contact. Build context and your relationship. #internproSamuel Hershberger
A6: Network and let it happen naturally rather than try to force it to happen. #SoMe is only one aspect of integrated job search. #InternProTom Bolt
A6: Job Seekers: DO NOT come out of nowhere w/ “Hi! Can you help me find a job?” Just no. Build a relationship first! #InternProDave Ellis
Be involved, not overbearing. Show genuine interest in people you admire and you’ll get the ball rolling #internproJulie Feinerman
A6: Maintain your relationships and utilize techniques such as updating your LinkedIn headline. #InternProKristine G
A6: You should be keeping your profile / contacts updated already. Follow companies and do research – easier to start the search. #InternProMarcy Depew
A6: Get involved and network before you start your job search. #internproRob McGahen
A6 create a list on Twitter:”FutureBosses” comprised of people you’ve determined might be ur next boss #TwitterFlattery #internproSteve Levy
Question 7:
Q7: Your thoughts on this statement? “Facebook is personal stuff. LinkedIn is work stuff. Twitter is just stuff.” #InternProYouTern
A7 False, your #SoMe sites should overlap and reinforce your personal brand. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
@YouTern: A7: Facebook is personal stuff. LinkedIn is work stuff and networking. Twitter is mass marketing/networking/learning #InternProACE Employment Svcs
A7: Regardless of the audience, it’s you, and you must develop a brand. #InternProLauren
@YouTern A7) yes, yes, and you’re missing the point #internproRich Grant
A7 They are what YOU make them… could be personal, professional, both, or neither #internproElizabeth D. Sopha
A7: All “stuff” is still visible stuff. Should still be careful what you put on the internet. Anyone can find it. #internproBryan
A7. The lines between personal and professional is blurred now, so be prepared for anything to be fair game #internproBrittany Berger
A7: It’s the perception that’s out there. But those networks are what you make of them. #internproRob McGahen
@youturn Q7 FB can be both personal and professional (follow), LinkedIn is professional, Twitter is 80% professional 20% fun. #internproElaine Young
-@youtern Repsonse: Twitter is not just stuff- more like BIG stuff that could help you in chosen industry if used the right way #InternproLindsey Briggs
A7. I use FB to announce pro stuff too, like a career event I posted today. With chats Twitter is as much pro for me as LI #InternproGuy Davis
A7: Social media is what you make of it, all part of the online conversation. Issues arise when ur words turn the discourse ugly. #internproMashaal Ahmed
Question 8:
Q8: When it comes to #SoMe “netiquette”, what is your favorite “do” advice… what is your favorite “don’t” advice? #InternProYouTern
A8 My fav – Treat your #SoMe presence like your credit history, what you do will open or close doors for you. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A8 DO be yourself! Have passions and opinions! DON’T be in the “threads of stupidity”. Be professional #internproLeah Beutler
A8: Do be consistent… don’t forget that it is SOCIAL #InternProTom Bolt
A8 Do – be SOCIAL. Don’t – Spam #internproElizabeth D. Sopha
Best #SoMe advice I can offer is to take the online relationship and turn it into a coffee meeting #internproSteve Levy
A8 Do have role models, Don’t get jealous of their success! There’s always going to be somone better than you #internpro #getoveritJacob Curtis
A8- Focus on building relationships; not likes and followers #internproJohn Muscarello
A8: Do: Retweet with strong support. Thank others for retweeting you. Share. Don’ts: Argue. Be arrogant. Hide. Fail to brand you! #internproELiz Dexter-Wilson
A8: Don’t hide. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry about reaching out to someone new. #internproRob McGahen
A8: Do engage consistently. Don’t rant. #InternProMarcy Depew
A8) Always say thank you. Never ignore people who reach out to you for help. #InternProEllisse
A8 Don’t have your #SoMe be all about selling – rather how can you help others, engage others, work with others. #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A8) Digitial doesn’t mean you can be a dinosaur. Manners count, so does the golden rule. #InternProMark Babbitt

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