#InternPro Chat: “The Importance of Being ‘Able’… Likeable, Coachable and Hireable”

IP_Twitter2Getting a job used to mean simply, being able to DO the job.

In a tougher economy, employers want more from candidates. Potential employees must show they can perform and be “manageable” (what we call “coachable”) while demonstrating they’re a good fit for the company culture.

Yes, it’s more for a candidate to manage. And yes, it’s important in order to get hired, today.

Here is a summary of the #InternPro discussion from Monday evening, which we called “The Importance of Being “Able”… Likeable, Coachable and Hireable”. The conversation doesn’t have to end here; use the comments section to let us know your thoughts.

Next Monday, January 21, we’ll be taking on another fascinating topic: “Our Obsession with Social Media: Changing the Workplace”. Join us at 9pm ET for conversation,  networking… and probably some talk focused on bacon. See you on Twitter!


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#InternPro Chat: “The Importance of Being ‘Able’… Likeable, Coachable and Hireable”

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Q1: Getting a job used to mean being able to DO the job. Now, why do we need to be so much more… including likeable? #InternProYouTern
A1 – main reason? There are many people that can “do” the job…but only a few that are the right “people” for the job #culture #internproTim Baker, CHRP
A1 = Because a lot of people can DO the job..doing the job is less than 1/2 the battle #InternProJeff Moore
A1: If you don’t function as a piece of the greater machine, it doesn’t matter if your output is the same as someone else’s. #internproHarper Yi
A1 Likeable ~ because we are are in the age of collaboration ~ teams-R-us! #internproCASUDI
A1 You should always do more then what you get paid to do! That’s how you get noticed! #internproJohn Muscarello
A1: Likeable is important. You are spending 8+ hours a day with the same fools. You darn well better like them. #internproELiz Dexter-Wilson
Q2: Why has “coachable” become important to our careers? Hasn’t it always been vital to learn the job, on the job? #InternProYouTern
A2: Everything is always changing. If you’re not ready to evolve, you’re not ready to work. Doesn’t matter how old/young you are. #internproHarper Yi
A2: Being coachable keeps you competitive in a changing market. You must stay on your feet and be willing to learn new things #internproLauren Frock
A2 Coachable means that you are adaptable, open-minded and someone who can switch gears when needed. Hot traits in today’s market #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A2: Coachability means giving up the idea that you “know it all” and listen to professional mentoring. #InternProTom Bolt
A2: Ego and arrogance are the enemy of coachability. #InternProTom Bolt
a2 coachable goes beyond what you can google or learn in a textbook, its the evolution of learning and self growth #internproRachel Resnick
A2: Coachable means you WANT to grow. You take constructive feedback well, learn from it & work to improve. #internproELiz Dexter-Wilson
Coachable, besides maybe a bulldog work ethic, is my number one soft skill. Look for it, every time. #InternProMark Babbitt
Q3: How do we define “hireable” for a young careerist without much experience? More important, how do we sell it? #InternProYouTern
A3: Being hireable has so many components: your past experience, your work ethic, references maybe, and most importantly PASSION! #internproChristopher Nguyen
A3 Some job seekers don’t show genuine interest in the position and company. They just “want a job”, show that you want THIS job #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A3: Hirable = Intelligence + Work Ethic + Passion. [Damn smart, work damn hard and be damn happy to do it] #InternProTom Bolt
A3. If you don’t have experience, you need to sell potential and show you’ve done research on how to do the job #internproBrittany Berger
A3: Skills, drive, motivation, excellent work ethic. Be the best ambassador for the org. and Customer and keep growing. #InternProMarcy Depew
A3: Solid skill set for job + right attitude + eager to learn & contribute #internproJoe Gagliano
Q4: Our friend @DrJanice talks about another “able”: teamable. In your chosen career, how important is teaming well? #InternProYouTern
A4 There’s a reason why we got graded on “playing well w others” in Elementary school. Teams beat out superstars all the time. #internproHarper Yi
A4 – If you don’t play well with others (teamable) then don’t play at all. Great companies demand teamwork #InternProJeff Moore
A4: You can’t do anything professionally by yourself. You have to form teams with everyone! #internproRob McGahen
Q4 Teamability shows me you put your hidden agenda aside to do what is right for the group/dept/team. Being self-less. #internproCyndy Trivella
Leadership is a team sport. I always hated working for a bad team player… #InternProDr. Janice Presser
A4 Teamable depends on the industry, the company, the culture et al. And I think you can collaborate without being teamable . . .#InternPro(Prosper by Design)
Athletes know it isn’t just one person who wins the game. Working together allows for more creativity and accomplishment #internproJulie Feinerman
A4 Team = whole picture/main goal/what’s best for everyone, organization, customers, clients, etc… without it it’s “ME ME ME” #internproElizabeth D. Sopha
The ability to “team” is a HUGE factor in being employable. No time for lone-wolves, trolls or drama queens. #InternPro (via @YouTernMark)MillennialLeader.com
A4: My biggest takeaway on life in teams = the art of managing differences is an essential one to learn with time #InternProAndrew Henck
Q5: Likeable, coachable, hireable & teamable are subjective and immeasurable. How do we know we’re getting it right? #InternProYouTern
A5 Every once in a while, take a step back and ask those around you. Self awareness is key, but not entirely infallible. #internproHarper Yi
Q5: Ask mentors, bosses, professors and friends how you measure up. Asking is the best way to show initiative! #InternProLauren Frock
A5 Feedback – what you receive from your interviews, what you hear from your mentors. Are you getting the responses you want? #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
A5: How do you know what to work on and how to move forward professionally if you don’t even know where you stand? #internproChristopher Nguyen
A5 Its a journey of self-evaluation and personal reflection. Also, don’t be afraid to let others evaluate you. #InternProJose Gutierrez
A5: If you can be yourself and be willing to grow/learn, you can’t go wrong! #internproRob McGahen
Q6: Being “able” often means taking constructive criticism… a trait many of us haven’t acquired. How can we improve? #InternProYouTern
A6 – Check your ego at the door……no one is perfect, accept it and evolve #InternProJeff Moore
A6: Don’t take everything personally. Know that you need that info to get better. Appreciate it #internproScott Keenan
A6 Think of what is the greater good for your career. Better to win the war, not blow your career trying to win the battle. #internproCyndy Trivella
A6 Learn whose opinions to respect and who’s trying to step on you. That judgment makes it easy to take criticism & kill insults. #internproHarper Yi
A6: I think you adapt more if you ask fellow employees to give you criticism when they have given you praise #InternProAnthony Zepeda
A6: And to interns and college employees, don’t feel like you’re not in any position to make changes. Have an idea? Present it! #internproChristopher Nguyen
Q7: How do I convey being “able” online and in my resume? What keywords/phrases do recruiters look for when hiring? #InternProYouTern
A7 Recruiters look for direct statements w/ qualitative data. Percentages, numbers, examples of increases or decreases on resume #internproEmilie Mecklenborg
Always show your accomplishments with statistics and honorable mentions. #internproJulie Feinerman
A7: Use action words, validating phrases and quantify when possible. #InternProMarcy Depew
A7: I think showing evidence of achieving growth + development is key in describing past projects/roles/etc. #InternProAndrew Henck
A7: Communicate in their terms. Look for what they value and highlight the positive traits you can bring to the table #InternProLauren Frock
A7: Identify your “super powers” & match them with the “super powers” the job needs. #internproELiz Dexter-Wilson
A7: Don’t forget-you’re selling yourself! Include awards, honorary mentions, scholarships, projects, etc. don’t be shy 🙂 #internproChristopher Nguyen
A7 Look at job descriptions of the job you would like and pull out keywords and phrases for your resume #internproJohn Muscarello
A7: Keywords lists may help in automated screening, but substance is more important to the human aspect of selection. #InternProTom Bolt
Q8: In order of importance to your career, rate these “ables”: a) Accountable b) Capable c) Reliable d) Respectable #InternProYouTern
A8. C. Reliable, D. Respectable, B. Capable A. Accountable also very important to my biz ethical #InternproGuy Davis
A8: b) Capable c) Reliable a) Accountable d) Respectable . In some ways I think all of these should be #1 #InternProAnthony Zepeda
A8: Being Reliable means your Accountable which means your Respectable and as a result, you’re Capable :). #internproNailah
Adaptable, Accountable, Reliable, Respectable..had to add that first one in there for us SoMe tweeps 🙂 #internproJulie Feinerman
A8: I’m promoting adaptable to the top of my list 🙂 #InternProLauren Frock
A8: Capable, accountable, reliable, respectable. Integrit-able, honest-able, knowlegable, approachable and flexible. #InternProMarcy Depew
A8: For our own “ables” I’d say Likeable, Someone-I’d-Want-To-Have-A-Conversation-With-Able, and versatile-able LOL #internproChristopher Nguyen
A8: Ask yourself that Q8 again and see if any can be removed and not hurt the whole package. I think not. #InternProTom Bolt
A8: There is no order…? They’re interchangeable…? #TrickQuestions #internproChristopher Nguyen
Teamable. Teamable. Teamable. Teamable. #InternProDr. Janice Presser
A8: I’m pretty sure you can’t be missing one, or even if you are hired, you won’t stay hired for very long #internproScott Keenan
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