The Classes You Hate Can Help Your Career

ClassEveryone has at least one (or maybe a few) high school or college classes that they really hate…

For me, that class was senior-year calculus. I remember dreading it all day long, and I always found myself stalling in the hallway beforehand for as long as humanely possible.

But despite all odds, I managed to make it though the class, graduate and start college. And years later, when I entered the working world, I found out that some of the best takeaways from that class weren’t mathematical equations: they were skills I could put to work in my career.

Here’s how a bad class can help you in the future.

Identify Your Weaknesses

If we loved every single class, life would be easy, right? True, but the good thing about classes we hate is that they help us identify our weak spots. For me, calculus was something I could do – it just didn’t come easily to me. So that meant a big part of my issue with the subject was flat-out that I didn’t feel like putting that much effort into something I didn’t care about.

Knowing this about myself has helped me two-fold in my career. One: it taught me that sometimes I can be really, really lazy, and that I shouldn’t give up just because I can’t figure something out in three seconds. Two: It taught me that any job that was predominately based on mathematical and statistical analysis wasn’t going to make me happy in the long term.

Increase Your Pain Tolerance

You won’t like every single college or high school class you take, and you won’t like every part of your job, either. That’s why bad high school and college classes are blessings in disguise. They force you to learn the tolerance, patience, and perseverance required to get through an unpleasant task or assignment, and believe me, you’ll need those qualities when you get out into the working world.

Collaborate and Communicate

The thing about a bad high school or college class is that you often can’t make it through alone. You need the advice and collaboration of friends, classmates, teachers, counselors, and tutors to get through it. I know that in my high school calculus class, it was my weekly study group  with my friends (plus lots of batches of chocolate chip cookies) that helped me pass.

Plus, I had a few amazing heart-to-hearts with the teacher about my issues, and afterwards, I always felt that I had the support from him that I needed. It wasn’t easy to reach out, talk about my academic struggles, and ask for help, but I’m really glad I learned how to do it back in high school.

The next time the bell rings and you’re headed off to that class you really hate, think about what you can do differently to make the best of the situation. It may just teach you something you can use to succeed in the future.

What class did you hate the most? How did you survive?


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