Take This Quiz to Learn: “How Millennial Are You?”

Millennial“How millennial are you?”

This is what Pew Research Center is asking American generations.

As an emerging arts leader (one who’s researching the Millennial generation and working to identify and describe fundraising and marketing strategies to effectively engage this generation in symphony orchestra concerts and events), I was excited to take THE QUIZ in order to gauge my overall Millennial-ness.

Questions asked relate to the type of data collected by Pew Research Center for their landmark project: Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next. From politics and values, to media and digital life, as well as demographics and social trends, Millennials have been deemed “Confident. Connected. Open to Change.”

As a member of the Millennial generation, I scored 86 out of 100 (see below).

How Millennial are you? Take the quiz!




CatherineAbout the Author: Catherine Starek is a second year graduate student in arts management at American University in Washington, D.C. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from University of North Carolina at Wilmington and was a flute/piccolo player in the Wilmington Symphony Orchestra for five years. Follow Catherine on Twitter, connect with her on LinkedIn and check out her blog, Mezzaphonically Speaking.

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