#InternPro Chat: “Is It Time To Kill the Career Fair?”

When you think of a Career Fair, what comes to mind?

A large, stale ballroom at a hotel or convention hall with booths lined up against the walls manned with recruiters eager to interview and hire you? Long lines you must conquer only to have the employers tell you “apply on our website”? A fantastic face-to- face networking opportunity? An opportunity to hork a bag full of corporate logo pens and other tchotchkes?

Turns out Career Fairs may be all of this, and more…

Summarized below is the “Is It Time To Kill the Career Fair?” discussion by our #InternPro community this week. See what you think (at the very least, this may change how you feel about the role of job fairs in your job search strategy).

We’d love to see you on Monday, December 10th for our one-year #InternPro anniversary chat! Our discussion is titled “2012 Rewind: Looking Back Before Moving Forward”. The fun always starts at 9pm ET/6pm PT!… we’ll see you there!


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