So Employers Notice You Later… Work Hard Now

Finding unique ways to stand out among all your job seeking competition is time consuming, and certainly doesn’t guarantee employment… but consistent effort will make all the difference!

You might not see it now, but all those hours dedicated to service or leading others will look great on your resume.  Employers know these activities build transferable skills… and that it takes an organized and conscientious individual to achieve outside of school.

Here are several ways you can stand out in a competitive job market:

Advertise Yourself

You are your own advertising firm, and your purpose is to sell your product: you. In a nutshell: create an online presence, target HR Managers and Department Supervisors with approaches tailored to their industry and invest in some online or print content advertising. Most important: keep your resume updated on all platforms, and have business cards ready!

Research Your Industry

Check out your industry in the location where you want to work. What companies are available, and which ones are most desirable for you? Choose the top three to five, and find out the names of their HR Managers. Message those individuals well in advance of graduating or seeking a job, and ask if you can meet with them to discuss how you can best appeal to them as a candidate for a job within their organization. Be sure to know which kinds of the jobs they offer and the details about the company!


Volunteering for an organization is a great way to gain the skills, experience, and connections needed to get the job you want after graduation. Find an organization related to your field of study, or find one that will provide you skills that transfer well to the work you will do in your industry. To find volunteer positions, look on to your campus career services or on the websites local organizations’. If in Canada, check out

Co-op Programs and Internships

Co-op programs and internships often pay better than your common university-student job, give you tons of related experience and professional contacts, and it’s a great way to feel out whether you are taking the right degree, or to determine what discipline in your degree you want to pursue. No doubt: this is probably one of the most useful decisions you’ll make in your career!


Nothing says you’re an overachiever quite like owning a multitude of awards.  Scholarships, as well as competitive, good Samaritan awards and dean’s list awards, are all indications of hard work, dedication, and drive. On your campus website, there’s probably a page dedicated to scholarships, and staff are usually available to help with applications. Student Awards is also a great resource for finding awards; Equals6 offers scholarships as well.

The work you put in now makes it much easier to find work after graduation… get started today!

For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Equals6!


About the Author: Stephanie Pronk has several passions in addition to her job at Equals6 – she lists people, organizations and kittens among them. With a background in Human Resources, Stephanie says most of her time at work involves helping job seekers find their dream jobs.



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