4 Gen Y Career Lessons from “Gangnam Style”

Hey, sexy lady… “Gangnam Style” has officially gone uber-viral.

The music video broke the Guinness Book of World Records of YouTube views and swept the nation’s media channels. This catchy tune may seem like yet another overnight success or “one-hit wonder”. However, the singer, “Psy”, worked hard for many years before Gangnam Style took off – and the video itself took a lot of time, work, and dedication before finding success.

It’s fun to watch Psy dance just for a good laugh… but there are also several lessons young careerists can learn from going Gangnam Style.

It Pays to Work Hard at What You Love

Psy was a Korean pop star for over a decade before the worldwide success of Gangnam Style. He certainly had his share of failures before he became an “overnight” sensation. Psy’s journey shows that pursuing your dreams can sometimes be exasperating, but persistence and hard work will be rewarded.

In general, Gen Y is known for a unique, entrepreneurial spirit that drives our career choices. Still, we often face discouragement. Goals seem futile when we’ve worked diligently for what feels like forever… with little results. As Psy’s example shows, it takes persistence to overcome the inevitable obstacles and achieve goals.

Embrace Your Originality

Not everyone thinks Psy is a brilliant recording artist; perhaps few believe he should have achieved this level of success based on his talent. However, Psy clearly marches to his own drum – and continues to make creative music for his loyal followers. Ultimately, his unique style pays off.

Psy’s philosophy is admirable: let your creative side take over – and remain an original.

Good Ideas Are Nothing Without Careful Execution

The Gangnam Style video could have been a fleeting idea that never became popular in Korea, let alone the United States and beyond. Because Psy and his creative team took the time to execute an well-produced music video, however, Gangnam Style has become one of the most popular dances in the world.

When creating a fresh idea for your organization, take the extra time necessary to carefully plan each step – then execute!

Have Fun… Be Bold

It’s not humanly possible to watch the “Gangnam Style” video without breaking into a dance, or at the very least cracking a smile. Clearly, Psy had a blast while creating this video and let his personality shine.

In the office, let your personality show! Employers will appreciate getting to know you on a more personal level – and will certainly think (and remember you) as a passionate, fun colleague.

Most likely, Psy wasn’t considering what life lessons Gen Y could learn from his smash hit while the song was in production. Perhaps the most important lesson of all is that inspiration can be found anywhere… even in a man who copied a horse for his signature dance move – and became a worldwide sensation.

Learn from this amazing example of originality – and go “Gangnam Style” with your career. And next time you feel the need to bust a move at work, remember what Psy would say…

“Dress classy and dance cheesy!”



About the Author: Erica Roberts graduated from Oregon State University in 2011 with a B.S. in Marketing. She is an avid reader and writer, and is extremely passionate about social media. Erica currently works as a social media consultant for several clients, and is a social media coordinator with YouTern. Connect with Erica on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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