You’re Not a Job Seeker… You’re a Salesperson

While everyone has something to say about what job seekers should do and how they should do it, the best advice comes from the those who do it every day – and guess what…

The best advice doesn’t always come from HR.

We’ve all heard it said that looking for work is a full-time job, but what kind of job is it?

By creating a job description for a finding a job, we can highlight the activities the successful candidate will need to master in order to succeed…


  • Prospect for opportunities by soliciting in the marketplace
  • Acquire market knowledge by becoming involved in the territory’s community
  • Design and execute advertising programs
  • Creatively negotiate rates
  • Keep clear and accurate records and files


  • Self motivated, dedicated and determined
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness in the execution of tasks
  • Creative, efficient, flexible, entrepreneurial, collaborative & detail oriented
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Strong negotiation and closing skills

The job description we just created, well, it sounds a lot like a salesperson doesn’t it? Not a surprise – after all, salespeople are full-time prospectors (just like job seekers).

So here’s what it comes down to:  Not only should job seekers view their search as a job, they need to view themselves as a salespeople who have full-time sales jobs.

This means they also need to run their job search like a salesperson manages a sales pipeline; by setting realistic daily targets and working toward their targets while tracking every contact, date, meeting, note, document, etc.

Sales people know that success depends on conversion rates. However, regardless of how effectively they convert leads to sales – their success will be driven (for the most part) by the volume of activity they undertake. For job seekers this means not wasting time on activities that won’t yield new contacts or new job prospects; to shorten the jobs search – enabling them to be as efficient and effective as possible.

For job seekers, it is even critical to take a salesperson’s approach to your career.

But don’t just take our advice… ask a salesperson!


For this post YouTern thanks our friends at FreshTransition!

About the Author: Jonathan Kreindler is the founder and CEO of FreshTransition. FreshTransition is a free, web-based career management solution supported by a community of career experts who provide free career guidance as well as fee-based career services, such as coaching, resume writing, and more. Follow Jonathan on Twitter!



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