#InternPro Chat: “Dilemma for Young Careerists: Got Experience?”

It used to be a diploma was the golden ticket to a job and career.

In the current economy, however, recruiters have raised the bar – and most jobs now require candidates to have prior work experience to even be considered. Recent grads often find it’s difficult to get hired… and are faced with a difficult and sometimes demoralizing job search.

However, young job seekers have options!

This week, the #InternPro community discussed this entry-level dilemma – and provided great insights for gaining the necessary “experience required” as well as how best to present to employers the experience and soft skills you’ve acquired so far. The chat, for your convenience, is summarized here…

Join us again next week, Monday, October 8 for our next fast-paced chat: “Not On LinkedIn? Are you F’ing Crazy?” The fun starts at 9pm ET/6pm PT sharp!

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